Monday, 12 September 2011

First day at school.

Despite the wind and rain little man scooted along to "big" school this morning.  Very excited to be wearing his new "super speedy" school shoes and insisting on carrying his bag which is far too big but was exactly what big boys have at school.

Smiling on the playground  and ready to face his new adventure:

After lining up beautifully, finding his peg, putting his book bag away and placing his water bottle in the basket, he decided he really didn't want to be at big school   and was far too tired and feeling very sad.  He knows just  how to make his mummy feel bad and spend all morning hoping he was having a good time and wondering  how time has gone by so quickly, four years has gone by so fast.  Happily he came out smiling at lunchtime and  it was so good he may even go back tomorrow (and for the next seven years my lovely)!

School is alway much better when you have older brothers and sisters to look out for you, lucky little man has several of those.

The mornings adventures have all been a little too much for this little August boy, too tired to even make it to bed.

Now to wake him to collect the others.....