Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fourteen months

We have been having such a fun and relaxing Easter holiday so far, it has been so lovely spending time with the children without the pressure of work, school and all the many things family life seems to bring.  We have been enjoying the sunny weather and almost forgot that little lady was fourteen months yesterday. 

She is rapidly taking the role of naughty child in the family, cupboards are emptied at every opportunity, especially the one where we keep the little boxes of raisins, which she is able to open and eat with incredible speed!  The poor dog is a bit dehydrated as little lady keeps spilling her water bowl,  which is only the start of her  trail of destruction around the house.  Her latest trick is to stand at the top of the stairs or at the backdoor wobbling around just about to fall down the stairs or onto the patio.  She is very good at walking around pushing her trolley  or using the furniture and has just started taking a step on her own. 

Her most exciting achievement (and it has taken a very long time) is that for the first time in her entire life she slept all through the  night! Of course her older brother decided to wake up, just in case we felt lonely but we may be looking at a future that involves more's to beautiful sleep.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Morag & Bracken

Such a beautiful sunny day in the south of England,  we were tempted to drive to the beach but couldn't face the inevitable traffic queues.  Instead we drove a few miles down the road and met Morag and Bracken, two Highland cattle who have been introduced to the local countryside to help maintain it.  

It's been a while since we visited and there are now fun places to play in the woods, Ruby had her first swing.

Felt just like a holiday!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Let the holidays begin............

What a hectic half term it has been:

I have been teaching (and the actual teaching as all my teacher friends will know is only about half of what needs to be done in a class ) every day which is the most I have worked for over a decade.  In many ways it has been fantastic to have the freedom to plan and teach in the way I want and we have had a really fun time.  The class has been fairly small and I have loved trying out new ideas and seeing the children respond so well to my ideas.  I have had the most amazing and inspirational view from my  classroom

 I have watched spring arrive through the glass wall.

Everyone has been amazing and so helpful, Mr Oldpolicehouse has been even more lovely and supportive than usual.   

Amidst all this the children have all been doing and achieving so many wonderful things.   Grade 3 piano was passed very well by lovely older girl, although  we are all looking forward to hearing some different tunes.

Middle boy played in his first football match,

he is very proud of his medal.  He is also going to put the tooth fairy out of business, loosing teeth almost daily at the moment.   He was also a super reader in the Easter Mass.  Oldest boy was part of the football team at his school who played well and won the County Cup.  He also chose his options (how old do we feel?) and was so lovely and kind to his  Italian exchange partner  that he has made us very proud of the wonderful person he is becoming.

Middle girl had a birthday and impressed her mummy by wonderful keyboard playing at school.  She is always such a sweet girl and so kind and thoughtful to the family.  Ruby has somehow turned into a lively and adventurous almost toddler.  Her latest trick is to climb onto chairs or tables and get stuck, where has that chilled out babe gone?  She will keep a cute headband in her hair which is great news for those who like to accessorize her wardrobe! Little boy is still full of energy ......