Sunday, 30 June 2013

Blog Loving

I could well be the last person to realise that google reader is closing down in a few hours.  Until very recently I have used it as a way of reading all my favourite blogs. Keeping up to date with all the crafty loveliness and general stories of life has been very easy and I was a little bit unsure what losing google reader would mean, how would I keep up to date with all the adventures in blog land without it?  At least I have realised just before it was too late, although I am still a little in the dark about what the loss of it will mean.

All is not lost as I have discovered bloglovin and very easily imported all my blogs, in fact I think it is much easier to read and follow blogs and I like how clearly it is laid out.

I have added a little button (top left at the side of my blog) if you would like to keep up to date with all the happenings at the oldpolicehouse.  It would be  so lovely to have you as a follower.

No idea where this was originally from - credit will be given if known - but it really made me smile!

On the subject of following if you are on twitter do hunt me out @fostergrace  and send me a tweet so I can reply.

How do you read your favourite blogs?

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Thirteen Weeks

Thirteen weeks: ninety one days since this little girl joined our lives.

 It was only thirteen weeks before that we first found out about her and  saw a little   face on the monitor in the dark scan room.

As I was looking through the sports day photos earlier, I was struck with the similarity of this picture with the image on the screen that memorable Saturday.

This is the moment when I should show you the scan picture but in the midst of the chaos of the building work and general upheaval of decorating since, they seem to have disappeared.  

Safe in the lower part of the double pushchair this little babe quietly slept through most of the noise of sports day.  Hiding away just like she had for six months of pregnancy.

Seeing her little face with her hand to the side and her sweet little rounded nose just like all her siblings brought back vivid memories of the almost identical image  on the ultrasound screen.

Thirteen weeks seemed a very short time to prepare for a new baby.

Today I realised how much has changed and even though it has only been three months, I cannot imagine our family without her.

Five days old

A perfect little gift.

I know this will be a precious photo as it made me realise just how special she is and reminded me of this verse:

For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place,
when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.

Psalm 139

Do you have a special verse or poem?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Home made baby wipes

 Sorting out the endless washing earlier I looked at a towel that had certainly seen better days  and I decided to re make it into small baby wipes.  I usually use a baby flannel to clean after a nappy change but these wipes are a much better size.

Here's how to make super simple baby wipes:

1.  Find a handy size tupperware box  and cut up an old towel  (fleece fabric works well too).  Use the box lid as a template if you find that helpful but there is no need for accuracy.

2.  Check the wipes fit in the box, 

3.  Make a cleansing solution :

You will need

Camomile tea  (to clean)
Drop of tea tree oil (antiseptic)
Drop of lavender oil (smells so nice)
Dash of Olive oil (or any you have in the cupboard)

In a bowl mix the tea bag with hot water and add the other ingredients, let it infuse for a while and enjoy the amazing smell.

4.  You can either pour it into a bottle and put it onto a dry cloth when wiping baby.  Be prepared for comments from any older children ....I am sure you can guess what they think it looks like!

or you can soak the wipes in the solution.

5.  Put the wet wipes ( wring out if very wet) in the box and find a sweet babe.

Of course these wipes have lots of other uses, even if you don't have a small person to clean.

Smelling a lot nicer than throwaway wipes, simple and easy to use, saving money and the environment.  

Thrifty and green, not bad for five minutes of effort!

You will also have a slightly perfect mother moment; the one that you feel when you are able to offer freshly made cakes to visitors or someone pops round when you are baking bread. 

Tell me what makes you feel "perfect" for a moment!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Crafty Corner

A little place to create: Space  to make something new, a respite from the  everyday rush. A  small corner to safely store  all those beautiful crafty bits and bobs including  fabulous fabrics.  The building work and subsequent rearranging of the house meant that finally I have my own crafty corner.  

Welcome to my   little place of inspiration and escape.

The gorgeous cupboard is doubly special as it was given to me by one friend ( it was her grandparents) but had been restored by the grandfather of another friend. I love how a simple piece of useful furniture can contain so many   memories.  It sits nicely in the corner holding all my lovely crafty items.

This little space of mine is home to lots of lovely pieces, the flower painting was done by my oldest girl at primary school.  It reminds me of three  favourite things; flowers, bright colours and my children.

I am surprising myself with a  love of orange flowers at the moment; a framed piece of happy fabric, my gorgeous vase and my latest crafty venture, the lampshade.

I love my new happy lampshade so much.  I was surprised at how quick and simple it was to make.  using a vintage piece of fabric, which I am pretty sure started life as a duvet cover.  It was from the seventies - does that make me vintage as well?  A scary thought.

I used a  lamp making  kit similar to the ones here and  helpful step by step  instructions from here.  I can see I will be making a lot more and as soon as I find the leftover   fabric from the boys  curtains I will be starting with a football lampshade  for their room.  

This little space which seems to be all my own, what a treat in a house of nine, has so many beautiful items including some very special cushions.

This super squishy one was made by a lovely friend,  I admire her taste so much I used her blog name for my babe (without realising it)!

This cushion, so special it has been placed far out of the reach of messy children and dark haired dogs sits neatly next to my vase of knitting needles (also placed high as they have been scarily used as weapons  in the past).  Made for my fortieth by the friend whose grandfather restored the cupboard, it is very precious. Not only because of the beautiful stitching and thought that had gone into the design, each petal reflecting one of my babies  but the love and care that went into making such an amazing gift.  

I truly love it and it makes me feel so happy every time I glance at it, which is a lot as I like to feel happy!

I have been spending a lot of time on pinterest recently, feeding a small baby has lots of benefits especially time to browse the net and not feel guilty. If you look at my pins there are a lot of gorgeous craft rooms, maybe one day I can grab a few more corners and make a room.  This room is on our summer holiday decorating list so soon it will look even nicer.

Do you have a special place to create? 

If you have a crafty blog and have written about your craft space please do share it, I love looking at places where people create.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Mary Jane Booties

Knocking walls down and having the kitchen rearranged in the final weeks of pregnancy left no choice but to hide away upstairs with some wool for company. Fifi on DVD kept small girl happy while I clicked away using my best bamboo needles.

Using this pattern found on ravelry, and some left over wool I made these super fast booties   easily in an afternoon.  I used Sirdar snuggly baby dk wool  which was lovely to work with, feels very soft and is great value;  I made two pairs of booties, two hats and still had wool to spare despite having started with a left over ball.  Best of all the pattern was quick to finish and looks deliciously  cute. Those purple flower buttons I had been saving for something special finished the booties perfectly.

I have enjoyed looking at them  sitting on the kitchen dresser but even more I have loved looking at them being worn by the small person I was thinking about when I was making them.  Even if she does keep kicking them off!

Lying all cosy in her pram is the best place to be at the moment, looking at all  the rain and wind through the conservatory window  has kept her happy for most of the morning.

She is growing so fast that I need to make some larger shoes for her, I found this pattern which I think I will start while small baby is still happy looking at this miserable weather.

These booties would make a perfect little baby gift.   They make you feel happy just looking at their small cuteness.

What is making you feel cheerful today?

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Flowers for Forty

Spending almost all of half term, decorating,  sorting, cleaning  and clearing the clutter has resulted in a lovely tidy house. 

  Just in time to celebrate a milestone.

Not really sure how I got to be so old all of a sudden but it is such an amazing feeling to be celebrating with all the building work behind us and the house (mostly) sorted.  

The day started with a beautiful smile from my babe and a surprise banner in the kitchen, a little too early but at least I got to enjoy the birds singing.

A day of flowers had begun: 

A fragrant surprise at the door,

 a namesake rose to plant,

cards making me smile.

bunting blowing,

tins to fill  and 

 gorgeous cakes to eat.

Most importantly people to share it all with  and a chance to take a photo of my smiling (ish) lovelies.

A day full of flowers, smiles and sunshine was a perfect way to enter a new decade.

How would you or did you spend your fortieth?