Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Lasts & Firsts

Such a season of change in the police house, lots of lasts inevitably leading to new firsts. New schools, colleges, courses and jobs, all reminding me of how quickly small people grow.

Oldest boy, as ever leads the way into new paths as he left school earlier in the summer.

First Prom and how how did we miss the hugeness of that event for so many years? Such a fun evening watching beautiful teenagers make their entrance up the school hill to celebrate the end of an era. My boy and his pals made a spectacular entrance as they bounced up the hill in their finery.

Exam results, finally reaching sixteen, working, going to music festivals and enrolling in college for A levels: huge life events for this not so little boy (more for his mother in reality).

Starting new exam courses, babysitting, socialising, getting new piercings, we have hardly seen our beautiful girl this summer.

About to start the new adventure of senior school, having shared the ear piercing experience with her older sister,  my girl has spent the summer making amazing creations using duct tape and crafting beautiful friendship bracelets. A font of quirky knowledge and keeping us all happy with her delicious cakes,  this fantastic girl even sewed in her own name labels for her new uniform. That's a first I welcome.

The chilled peacemaker of the family is next, about to move into his last class of primary school this boy has truly discovered football. When not playing, or illicitly retrieving a ball from a neighbouring garden, he will be reciting a random football fact. Beating his big brother in the fantasy football league was the highlight of his summer. Easily forgiving  his mummy for getting the wrong time and accepting disappointment at being too late to enter the football league at church camp, this boy is such a star.

Another August boy has firmly put little boy toys behind him. All trace of toddler ness has been firmly ejected from his bedroom and he is sharing the football and cricket passions with his big brothers. Six years old and loving reading the beano and playing Lego batman, he has grown up so much over the summer. Another super star.

This small girl who is no longer small is leaving toddler times behind and rapidly developing into a little (bossy) girl. Still battling with the eye patch,  she gave a spectacularly stubborn performance in front of the consultant, hands clamped over her eyes refusing to play any eye test games. Not her finest hour, just as well we love her!

This little girl continues to charm us all with her giggles and smiles.

As the late September sun shines I want to capture this time; life is good and I am feeling very thankful.

Tell me a thankful moment for you!