Friday, 27 July 2012

All dressed up and ready to Olympic party!

Escaping the madness of potty training and house tidying I took the older girls to town this morning.  I haven't been for a while and it looked so pretty all dressed up for the Olympics.

We walked through the cathedral and the colourful bunting looked happy and welcoming gently dancing in the breeze.

The big screen live link up was being prepared, what a beautiful setting to view a great sporting achievement. 

The high street was busy and the colourful bunting looked fantastic hanging from the old buildings.

Two girls humouring their camera obsessed mother!

Our little city is ready and it seems as if our big city is also ready to welcome the Olympics 2012.  

The excitement is building, even our tiny  local church joined the nation to celebrate by ringing the bells at 8.12 this morning.

What a special day to celebrate.

 Today would have been my Grandad's one hundredth birthday.

I love the fact his special day has been marked in such a memorable way: A fitting  tribute to such a special man.

Is your town looking colourful in an Olympic way?

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Two & five and a little bit naughty!

The start of the summer holidays always  seems to prompt a huge clear up, de clutter and tidy in our house.  Is it just us, or does anyone else do this? It does seem a little ridiculous to tidy up before the six weeks of toy playing and chaos but it seems to help with the first few days of the holiday. Always takes a few days to settle down  and get used to   being with each other; I am  so so thankful to be married to a teacher  who acts as my co referee and share the role of fight master.  All is well after those initial squabbles and we probably ease the stress by cleaning and sorting.

This afternoon I was tidying the food cupboards and found some very out of date baby jars, while I was reminiscing about baby days the "baby" found a huge jar of chocolate spread.  Independent as ever she helped herself to a spoon and rapidly ate as much as she could, she knows a sibling will be along to share it if she isn't quick.  My children are super fast at eating sweets (to avoid sharing) and particularly nice food on the table will go in a flash!  

She saw me and made a quick exit  into the garden. 

Ever the fashionista she paused to choose her footwear  before running away, this girl loves shoes so much - why not have a different one on each foot?

Flip flopping up the garden still with a chocolatey spoon and a dress on back to front!

Time is going by so fast and we are hoping to leave nappy days behind soon, this sunny weather has arrived just in time  for her  to start wearing big girl pants and using the potty. Two years and five months seems a good age and she is always telling me to change her nappy. Even though I have done   it five times before I seem to have  blissfully forgotten about the joys of potty training!

Any top potty training tips anyone?

Enjoy the sunshine this week...

Friday, 20 July 2012

All Change

Today was the last day of school for this year, and with it came change.  I have been working mainly with a year six class in a local village school this year and their last day of primary school is a curious mix of emotions:  Happiness that they have reached a point of maturity and are  equipped  to take the leap from primary to secondary education, mixed with huge relief that they are able to move on as they have pretty much outgrown their small school.  Sadness to see them depart,  combined with joy at seeing the amazing people they are becoming and knowing in some small way you have been a part of the shaping and guiding process.  That is only the teachers emotions, there were several sobbing parents at the leavers' assembly this morning.

Being a teacher is an immense privilege, the amazing feeling at being able to inspire and motivate children is what keeps you going on those days  when the job feels never ending, usually a wet playtime day.

The picture above is  me  by a talented young artist in the class and was  the  chosen for the school website, her mum wrote a card to me   today thanking me for "helping my daughter to have confidence in herself".  I felt very overwhelmed  and again thankful for the way in which my everyday job can have a big impact on a child's life.  What a responsibility!

A very old photo - I must take some more pictures of this very english village

It was a reflective day for me as I too am moving to another school  and will miss the pretty Hampshire village and surrounding countryside.  The kind words by parents meant so much; if you have a child at school do make an effort to thank their teachers as words are very much appreciated.  Another emotional moment was the parents presenting me with beautiful gifts in assembly, being appreciated and thanked means a lot.  

Continuing my emotional moments,  I glanced  at a pile of papers left by the printer and read the words my teacher husband spoke at a speech he gave about a leaving colleague this afternoon;

"As a teacher, always believe that you can change the lives of young people for the better.  Be generous with your time and with your love....."

Have you ever had a teacher who changed your life for the better?

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Olympic Torch - Day 54

The Olympic flame came to our part of the world this afternoon. Following hot on the heels of the Winchester Festival more commonly known as the hat fair, this meant the town was in full celebratory mode. The anticipation  of the Olympic entourage was swathed in patriotic excitement; such  a fantastic atmosphere and the sun even remembered to shine as we waited in the beautiful surroundings to share our historic moment. 

The atmosphere started with  entertainment by a group from the middle ages.

Girls giggled  and postmen perched as we waited  by the side of the road.

A little boy made us all smile.

The Olympic entourage began with police motorbikes,  closely  followed by different buses adding to the momentum with loud music and lots of waving. 

Live footage on the side of the coach!

We were in prime position to see the flame and cheer the bearer on.

Then suddenly it was all over.

Our Olympic moment - an amazing experience!

Have you seen the flame?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

water, water...

It looks very much as if summer has bypassed us this year; the dreary and  dismal rain seeming to cloud everything in it grey wake.  To cheer myself up I spent a moment sorting through happier more sun filled pictures,  beautiful memories  of our France trip last summer certainly made me smile.  The sparkly water fountain in the Normandy sea side town  reminded me of a happy day wandering around the pretty streets.

The buildings were colourful and the whole place was alive with the hustle and bustle of a busy market scene, very reminiscent of Cornwall this was a popular haunt of Monet and other impressionist artists towards the end  of   last century.  

We like to think we enhanced the arty vintage vibe by our presence, a lovely thought!

I have such a longing to jump into this cute little car and drive to a sunny   courtyard where I can sit in peace with a yummy patisserie  and strong coffee.

A beautiful fountain to look at and warm sun would make it perfect.

Do you want to join me?

If you are looking for an easy escape with your family, this offer still stands.

Thank you to everyone who follows, reads and comments ..... I love my little creative and happy escape  and it is made even better to know others do as well.

Have a brilliant day all, despite the wet!