Friday, 15 November 2013

Rocking the Pixie look!

Three years and eight months today and I am feeling a sadness that I fell behind with my "Ruby Months" pictures.  Somewhere between teaching full time, having a house full of chaos with building upheaval and a newborn these monthly reminders of how my sweet girl is growing got lost.  Such a lovely chatty child, truly kind, sharing with her baby sister and so full of character.  A unique sense of style as demonstrated by her random choice of outfits for pre school, her fashion statement  however is not contained to what she wears.

Three years & seven months

Baby had been ill so I stayed home from church with the little  girls  and while the smallest slept I took a shower.  Even the unusual quietness did not prepare me for the surprise ahead.

If I hadn't been so tired I might have been more concerned at seeing this on the chair, however  the fog of exhaustion lifted abruptly when I saw my beautiful girl.

Even combing the remnant of her pretty curls across did not help.

She had well and truly hacked her hair!

The front was also victim to the innocent enough paper scissors.

It couldn't have looked worse so taking my small sewing scissors I began a rescue operation.

Actually it looks okay (ish)

Ruby the pixie!

Have you ever had a similar experience?

I am just so glad it wasn't before an important event and that she hadn't played hairdressers on a friend!