Friday, 31 January 2014

So that was January

Actually meeting May Martin, of Great  British Sewing Bee fame, a new series is starting soon and I am already looking forward to it.

Finding bargain craft books on this website and enjoying spending christmas pennies.

Saving water because we have just been put on a meter, not looking forward to that bill!

Making sweet baby shoes just as my small girl starts standing.

Covering chairs in fabulous fabric.

Hosting a super fun party for a beautiful fifteen year old.

Walking the dog amidst this dismal wet weather.

Covering a broken mirror frame in sticky blackboard paper and having fun doodling special messages on it.

Taking a few moments away from the mayhem of life to enjoy a candlelit catch up with the man.

Starting work again.

Valuing precious time with my gorgeous little lady who at just ten months is causing delightful disruption.

Totally late but happy new year, 
may it be full of beautiful memories!

What has been special about your wettest January on record?