Saturday, 23 April 2011

Fourteen months

We have been having such a fun and relaxing Easter holiday so far, it has been so lovely spending time with the children without the pressure of work, school and all the many things family life seems to bring.  We have been enjoying the sunny weather and almost forgot that little lady was fourteen months yesterday. 

She is rapidly taking the role of naughty child in the family, cupboards are emptied at every opportunity, especially the one where we keep the little boxes of raisins, which she is able to open and eat with incredible speed!  The poor dog is a bit dehydrated as little lady keeps spilling her water bowl,  which is only the start of her  trail of destruction around the house.  Her latest trick is to stand at the top of the stairs or at the backdoor wobbling around just about to fall down the stairs or onto the patio.  She is very good at walking around pushing her trolley  or using the furniture and has just started taking a step on her own. 

Her most exciting achievement (and it has taken a very long time) is that for the first time in her entire life she slept all through the  night! Of course her older brother decided to wake up, just in case we felt lonely but we may be looking at a future that involves more's to beautiful sleep.

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  1. She is a female version of William!! He loves doing the dodgy balancing thing at the most dangerous locations in the house, not quite mastered walking with a trolley yet though. As for sleep, how do the siblings know that when one sleeps through they should wake up? Just keeping us on our toes 'eh! Loving your blog Grace, how you find time I don't know, but keep posting it's great!


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