Saturday, 28 May 2011

fifteen months

I started this  blog for several reasons:  to create  family memories, especially for Ruby's first years, to actually do something with all the photos that are on the hard drive, and to hopefully motivate me to finally finish one of my many craft projects.  Since I have not even opened a baby  record book for my smallest child, this little blog goes some way to alleviate the  guilt and will hopefully be a lovely memory to look back on.

The little lady is now fifteen months and is developing such a lovely sweet nature, she has been the slowest of all of them to walk but  this week seems to have finally decided she prefers to walk  rather than crawl.  She loves her bags and is a girl of expensive taste as her accessory of choice is a Jack Wills bag.  For those of you who are not familiar with this oh so trendy and pretty pricey shop we are only able to stretch to the bag they give you when you buy something.  Ruby has been tottering around the house putting a variety of things in the bag,  usually shoes and socks, this lady has style!

Another top activity is to empty all the cupboards. Mummy was prepared however, and after several breakages last week has now moved the plastic plates to her cupboard of choice.  Little miss independent is now able to go to the cupboards and open the bread sticks or hunt out the raisins and help herself to a snack, I'm sure she would prefer a much less healthy snack but they have been hidden in a higher cupboard.

You bring us all so much happiness little lady!

Is that more mischief you are planning?

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