Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Half way ......

Exactly in the middle of  Two and Three today,  the littlest member of our house has been a real superstar all summer. 

Almost there with toilet training, the little blue potty has followed us on our adventures over the past few weeks.  She was happy to use it in B & Q car park and delighted with the resulting Peppa Pig rewards.  Ever increasing in her bossiness our little lady loves to tell us all what to do from the safety of her little blue plastic throne!

Exploring with her older brother  on a recent Forest School visit

Such delightful chatter and comments on  the happenings of the day have reminded us she is very quickly growing up.  Loving the attention of older sisters she is very proud of her new green painted toenails.  Times are a changing as Ruby starts Forest School in a few weeks;  such a wonderful and happy environment in which to learn and play.  Freedom to run around and explore the woods, watching out for the fire and painting with feathers on hanging sheets.  

Perfect  first steps into her education experience.

Staying safe near the fire

Older brother very much enjoyed running around and exploring,  this would have been a fantastic place for him to run off some of his energy when he was younger!  He had a birthday last week and loves to tell us that Ruby is halfway between him and zero,  that she is  exactly  half his age.  Very important in a five year old life to know this.  Almost as important as letting me know he is actually now  Superman,  there have been far too many daredevil superhero inspired jumps across furniture and in the garden already this holiday. 

We love it  most of all when this whirlwind of energy  falls asleep,

 how can this be comfortable?

What is the most unusual place you or a small person you love has fallen asleep?


  1. Aw bless her. My little miss loves to dictate from the toilet too :). Little mister used to fall asleep in the door bouncer we had :)
    Victoria xx

  2. She seems to have grown up so much in just a few months. The forest school looks amazing- how wonderful for the children to have such freedom.I'm not sure how your little Superman can be comfortable like that either!

  3. I remember the potty days - we had a little flip down portable one I kept in the buggy for all times. In fact, I think it's still in the boot of the car.

    Nina x

  4. I love forest school too! I used to help out with that.
    Cars always send me to sleep, except when I'm driving ... luckily!!!

  5. Awww, bless them both. Doesn't your little superhero just melt your heart when you see him asleep like that? We used to have open plan when the kids were little, no doors between our lounge and upstairs. We would often find one of them asleep on the top step where they'd laid down and positioned themselves so they could see the tv downstairs without us knowing. We soon put paid to that and had the stairs blocked off.

  6. hiya! just wondering how you are? haven't heard from you in a wee while xx

  7. Hope she really enjoys Forest School - as a FS teacher I love to see children enjoying it SO much - lovely photo!


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