Friday, 15 November 2013

Rocking the Pixie look!

Three years and eight months today and I am feeling a sadness that I fell behind with my "Ruby Months" pictures.  Somewhere between teaching full time, having a house full of chaos with building upheaval and a newborn these monthly reminders of how my sweet girl is growing got lost.  Such a lovely chatty child, truly kind, sharing with her baby sister and so full of character.  A unique sense of style as demonstrated by her random choice of outfits for pre school, her fashion statement  however is not contained to what she wears.

Three years & seven months

Baby had been ill so I stayed home from church with the little  girls  and while the smallest slept I took a shower.  Even the unusual quietness did not prepare me for the surprise ahead.

If I hadn't been so tired I might have been more concerned at seeing this on the chair, however  the fog of exhaustion lifted abruptly when I saw my beautiful girl.

Even combing the remnant of her pretty curls across did not help.

She had well and truly hacked her hair!

The front was also victim to the innocent enough paper scissors.

It couldn't have looked worse so taking my small sewing scissors I began a rescue operation.

Actually it looks okay (ish)

Ruby the pixie!

Have you ever had a similar experience?

I am just so glad it wasn't before an important event and that she hadn't played hairdressers on a friend!


  1. Oh my goodness, she made a proper job of that. Eleanor hid at the back of the sofa when she was young, a little older than Ruby as I remember she was in reception class, and cut her fringe. I scraped what was left underneath a ballet style headband until it was long enough to be on show again. Her friends at school liked what she had done so much that they all cut each others, ooops! I think Ruby's new hairstyle looks lovely, you did a great rescue job.

  2. Oh Grace, I bet your heart was in your mouth when you first glimpsed it! I remember my youngest son when he was about 7 taking a big chunk out of his fringe and he ended up with all his hair very short. It soon grows back though and I think she looks really cute anyway!

  3. Well, she didn't hold back there!!! I read and scrolled down with a bit of a smile on my face - until that photo of the back of her head, when I let out a shocked sound that made Simon ask what was wrong!!! You must have had the shock of your life there!!! I have to say, though, the new (fixed by mum) look is VERY cute!

  4. oh dear.... I think you've done a great rescue job there x

  5. Her new hair style looks great. It must have been a huge shock to see what she'd done though!! Jx

  6. Well Grace you did an amazing rescue job there - you poor dear, you must have been so shocked to see what little Ruby had done - I was! But isn't she so very pretty and cute especially with her new look - my hubby has just had a quick look here too and he thinks Ruby is "Absolutely beautiful!"
    I really don't know of any kids who haven't attacked their hair with scissors, but usually it's only the fringe that suffers - I started when I was young and still do it!!!
    Happy days to you and yours Grace, Joy x

  7. maybe she will be a hairdresser! how clever to start at the back like that! she's very sweet, Heather x

  8. Whoops! The new look does suit her, though and I love that top picture - the mischief shines through!! XX

  9. Oh no! I think I would've cried! Luckily it looks fine now, in fact she looks pretty adorable. My daughter and a friend played "hairdressers" a few months ago - fortunately the worst that happened was a few snips around the face, nothing too drastic.... I removed the scissors from her room after that. x

  10. The classic "I cut my own hair" hair style! I've seen a lot worse. She is super cute regardless and what a great story she has to tell!

  11. Aw she is definitely rocking the pixie look, she looks so sweet! You did a great rescue job. xx

  12. Hi I have just discovered your blog and this post did make me laugh but also bought back a memory of my own daughter who is now 20 but around the same age and the night before the nursery photograph she did the same thing but also included her fringe. The only thing I could do was to pull what was left together in a pony tail and try and clip the remaining fringe to the side. I did learn some 15 years later that her then 8 year old brother also had a hand in the proceedings. Your rescue mission looks to of been a success if you hadn't told us what she had done I think we would of thought she had just paid a visit to the hairdressers for a new hairdoo.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I an so glad it wasn't before a photo.......a great memory and it seems funny now! x

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