Monday, 7 February 2011

While you were sleeping....

In an effort to save time and money the oldpolicehouse has been having groceries delivered by the blue and white van.  There have been a few mistakes: the delivery of one (!) mushroom,  the mouldy bananas and loose leaf tea instead of teabags.

However there has been much good come from these mistakes; delicious banana cake devoured after school on Friday and blowing the dust of the teapot. 

We own a selection of rather lovely teapots but this little white one is very handy for a single cup of tea.  After the usual Monday rush to school I came home and poured myself a calming cuppa. Ruby went to sleep,

I avoided the toppling ironing pile and hunted out some gorgeous material.  After a little bit of cutting, hunting for the sewing machine lead and  thinking  about how best to sew the pieces together and turn inside out with the wadding inside this was the result.

And I was still in time to collect from Nursery!

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  1. I hate not being able to sew, that tea cosy is so cute :)


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