Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Catching up..

I planned to post a photo of Ruby on the 22nd of every month this year to record how she was growing.  Work, grocery shopping and a thousand other things seem to have got in the way but here are the nineteen and twenty month photos.

Nineteen months:

Playing with the Cousin's toys.

A precious picture with a Grandad who has been very ill.

Twenty months:

Showing off those growing teeth!


  1. What a great idea......they change so quickly!

    Hope you're enjoying the sunny day!


  2. looks like fun out in the garden. thanks for visiting. x

  3. She is such a cutie, and crafty too if your previous post is anything to go by. I have no advice sadly but lots of sympathy, you must be exhausted.
    Kate x

    PS . Sorry to hear Grandad has been so poorly, I hope he is recovering!

  4. A good idea - they grow up so fast! It seems only yesterday that my big boys were that size. I love the smile, too!

    Pomona x

  5. hey grace, I got your message, but I didn't know how to email you! Drop me an email at hollybluesvintage@ gmail dot com, letting me know what might interest you.
    I'm just about to bring out a few packs of christmas cards!(thanks for info on phoenix cards, but I've had them done myself at a printers we often use)
    thanks for contacting me, holly xo


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