Thursday, 24 May 2012

two and three

Enjoying the gorgeous early morning sun, my smallest girl  is loving being able to eat breakfast outside.  A few chocolate cheerios in a pot and she is fuelled to wander round exploring the garden whilst her sibling are sleeping.  

What more does a little lady need than a bag and a favourite top?  Peppa Pig is a  huge love for my two year and three month old (this week)  at the moment, nearly as much as all her "babies" and shoes.

 When she gets tired she hops in her  car and rides it up and down the path.  Teddy is often a passenger  and loves listening to her chatter as she drives around the garden.

The little red and car has lasted well, it was second hand over fourteen years ago and has survived much abuse.  Unfortunately   we have had real car trouble this week - both of them have broken in the last few days!  Thankfully the eight seater seems to have been resurrected.  Just to add to the stress the washing machine broke last week as did families cope in the days before them?

 It is almost half term and we are all very ready for it,   extra marking, exams, tired children and broken appliances are draining my energy.
Although I am so grateful for extra work at the moment.

A little bit of  early morning toddler energy would be very welcome though!

 I am  trying to avoid (yet more) caffeine  and would really appreciate suggestions for alternatives when you are in need of a lift.

How do you find an extra boost of energy when you are in need?


  1. Please let me know if you can find a viable alternative to caffeine...! I give it up several times a year but never seem to make the good habit stick. Isn't it lovely to have some decent weather at last?! Jx

  2. Hi Grace, Ruby is so cute I could just eat her! I've only just read your previous post on her test and thank god it's nothing serious. For some reason, some of your posts don't show up so I keep missing them. I'm sorry about that. Lots of love xxx

  3. Apart from red bull and pro plus, the smell of smoke or sound of broken glass, um, not sure......especially when the weather is so warm, loving the sunshine but it is zapping my energy, whereas the kids seem either full of beans or so hot and bothered that they are unbearably naggy.

  4. What a little cutie Ruby is, and how I wish mine were still littlies. I find I'm in bed earlier and earlier these days, in fact, I'm the first to bed most nights.

  5. Ahh, Ruby lookso contented. I remember mine used to have cheerios as snacks in a pot,now at almost 18 and 14 they wouldn't be happy with that!! I love Ruby's massive crocs!
    I only drink fizzy water and tea and I'm tired when I go to bed and when I wake up so no help there I'm afraid!!
    Have a lovely weekend x

  6. Ruby looks like shes having a good time, Peppa Pig is still a big yes in our house my daughter 19 even sent her cousin in London a Peppa Pig birthday card and she 22!

  7. These are such cute photos!!! They made me smile. :-)
    A few early nights usually works for me. Give it a try, if you can.

  8. Just thought that I hadn't popped over to your blog for a while. Lovely pics :) Not sure I have anything to offer on tiredness front other than sleep (which is all I can do at the mo as I'm avoiding caffeine altogether for baby's sake) but I know that is so much easier said than done. Hope half term gives you some rest, if not lots! xx


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