Saturday, 30 June 2012

Busy Being...

Three weeks until the end of term people,

and  I think I may have  finally  found the perfect teacher thank you gift!

Every teacher will be counting down the days amid writing reports, assessment, new class meeting, sports days  and all the many things that have to be done before the school year is wrapped up.  Busy Mums will be rushing to get all those jobs done before the children are around and the mum entertainment and taxi service takes on a new dimension.  In a house of two teachers and six children the end of the summer term is always a busy time.

Knowing how  hard teachers work and being very thankful for the wonderful people who care for them daily, I always like to say thank you and show my appreciation for all they have done for my child over the academic year.  It can be hard to know what to give; bottles of wine are always appreciated but are very heavy (and expensive when multiplied by six) chocolates are good but thirty boxes are not, it is a dilemma.  

The solution was clear when I saw these gorgeous prints designed by a local artist who I first met at a craft fair.  I love the typography and the bold colour of these  prints.  I bought one of her first designs last year 'being a Mum', it hangs  next to my kitchen sink and has very much kept me going during those crazy tea time hours of the day.

I do need to get  very  busy tidying the kitchen but at least one of the many to do lists can be ticked off by buying these prints  as teacher thank you gifts.  Have a look at the many colours and prints  available, so hard to choose a favourite. The mum range is perfect for a new baby gift, the girl and boy range just adorable....  I could easily fill our house with all of them.  The teacher prints are hot off the press so you may need to contact her  or like her on facebook to see the full range.

If you had to design a 'busy being' print, what would yours be?


  1. Last few weeks of the summer term business - sounding VERY familiar to me! I feel as though I haven't sat down at school for the past 2 weeks!!! Only 2 more to go for us, though...... :-)
    Happy weekend!

  2. What a wonderful idea. It got more and more expensive when my kids were taking presents, not only did they want to take presents for their teachers, but they also wanted to take them for the teaching assistants, and they sometimes had three in a class. They don't take presents now they're in secondary school, one less expense.

  3. Lovely teacher present idea. I wonder what would be appropriated for a pre-school teacher/worker? xx

  4. What a lovely idea! I think I will get a 'being a Mum' one for all the close colleagues that have recently had babies. Jx

  5. It's a mad time of year, isn't it? I love these tea towels! One of my children's teachers is getting a voucher for a track day thing - we're all chipping in. The other one is getting some recycled glasses made out of old wine bottles that I found in a lovely shop in Cornwall at the weekend.

  6. What a fabulous idea.

    I've just been out this morning to look at presents for the girls teachers - it's such a toughie. Something personal and well meaning without the usual chocolates and flowers.

    I do love your print, but I haven't a clue what mine would be - I'm useless at that kind of thing.

    Nina xxx

  7. What a fabulous print, such a lovely idea for a teachers gift!
    Victoria xx

  8. Lovely ideas for prints. I think mine would be either 'Busy being ME' or 'Busy being what you expect me to be'! Think I prefer the first one. Nice to meet you anyway! Joan

  9. Hi, just found you through Recipe Junkie's Versatile Blogger Award. These prints are great, I have the onerous responsibility of being class rep this year, this could solve my problems - if I can get one in time!!

  10. I was really excited by this print till I saw the spelling mistake! Angie

  11. Oh noooooo! I posted the wrong photo (an earlier mistake) shame on me for not noticing earlier myself a teacher too! Arithmetic is always a tricky one but rest assured all has been corrected on the actual ones and I must get the photo updated. Thank you for commenting xx


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