Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Craft Stall

After much hard work and months of preparation the day of the school summer fete arrived.  It did not feel much like summer as the wind forced us to abandon the gazebos we had planned to set up on the school field.  Amidst the hustle and bustle of tables being moved outside, van loads of donated toys and books being carried to their rather blustery table, hooking with ducks and pig racing stalls being arranged  and the barbecue being lit  our little craft table very calmly took a coveted place inside the school hall. 

The weather was good to us and by the end of the afternoon we wished we were outside watching all the amazing Olympic themed events.  We had a prime spot next to the delicious International foods stall   which made up for missing some of the action on the field.

Here are some of the lovely things we had to sell, there was lots more.

The cutest teddy bears, very keen to find a new home and  handmade in different and gorgeous fabrics.  Perfect for a little child to hold  and love, a few made their way home to the oldpolicehouse and have been very played with.

Little aprons for messy play, and some rather gorgeous olympic theme aprons which I forgot to photograph!  A collection of little bags to carry those precious things around in.

 A quick and simple make and popular with young fans of the game "angry birds", we laminated and cut out pictures of the game characters and glued them to pencils.  A cheap pocket money buy.

The other birds were much less angry and were sold either as hanging birds or hanging off a special coat hanger, to brighten up your wall.  We also made hanging hearts which were pretty gorgeous as well.

A few Grandparents helped swell our stocks and among their makes were these mug hugs, perfect for keeping a cuppa warm when gardening or camping.  Perfect for bringing a bit of happy colour into the day.

I took photos of the stall on my daughters camera but we have mislaid the lead so photos of the actual set up and looking beautiful stall will follow soon.  This was a section of the stock laid out ready for pricing.

It was so hard to decide on the right price, we wanted to sell it and cover our costs but as it was a  school fete and not a craft market we had to gauge our market differently.  At least we had a few people to bounce ideas and argue price with, it must be so hard for sellers on their own, we did not factor in our time either as it was for the school.  I have fresh admiration for those setting up their own small craft business, it must be very hard to actually make any profit.

It was all worth it though as the stall made over two hundred pounds, the actual fete made nearly four and a half thousand pounds, a fantastic result! We have enough left to stock a christmas table which is a bonus.

Craft sellers, how do you decide your do you make any  profit?

What would you have bought from our stall?


  1. I just adore those pink teddies and to have mummy and baby teddies is sweet. This could be something to do with spending my morning thinking of scripts to encourage imaginative teddy play!

  2. What lovely things!

    I hope you don't mind but I tagged you in a meme - see my Eleven post... no obligation!

  3. You had a lovely stall, I would go for the birds, i love birds and the bears and hearts! I just started in April to sell my cards and quite surprised that anyone is interested enough to buy them! all my cards are 2.00 because I like to introduce new things each month, so like to get rid of most of my stock on one day, so I dont suppose I'll ever make a profit. Julie xxx

  4. Gorgeous things - bag and birds for me xx

  5. Wow, both the stall and the event did extremely well. I love everything you made to sell, but a bag and teddy would have found their way home with me.


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