Sunday, 20 January 2013

Super Snowy Days

We have been having lots of fun in the snow this weekend.  Bonus family days are few and far between and lots of lovely white stuff to play with make them even better.  We all had a snow day from   our different schools on Friday (although oldest boy had to walk in for an exam)  and spent it getting very cold and wet enjoying the fun of the snow.

The walk to the park started off with looking at the beauty of the snow in the front garden, along with a newly toothless front smile from small boy.

The roads were a little icy but the view was fantastic.

The park itself was looking glorious and the snow made everyday things look beautiful.

Littlest lady was not too happy about the cold but a cuddle with Daddy soon made her smile.

Everyone was having  sledging fun,

although some children are getting far too good at snowball throwing!

How did you spend your snowy weekend?

Obviously if you are reading this and you are from the US you are probably laughing at how excited we all get by a small amount of snow  in the UK!


  1. Oh, I'm with Ruby, I hate the cold. No snow days here yet even though we've got snow, but we're forecast a heavy snowfall tonight. I'm hoping the school stays open as we're in the same boat as your eldest boy, Daniel's got exams towards his A levels this week. It looks like you all had lots of fun in the snow.

  2. We are very jealous of your family snow day. it seems unlikely that school will be cancelled in California because of too much sun. Enjoy the snow before it turns to slushy mush.


  3. I think it is the fact that snow days suddenly appear out of the blue to give us an unexpected day of fun that makes them extra special.

  4. Hi Grace, looks like your weekend was fun.Sadly I am still recuperating from flu so apart from a trip to the doctor this morning(in snowy and still snowing Yorkshire) I havent been out at all. My hubby and I did watch the complete boxed set of Homeland though, fabulous!

  5. Great photos! I love the one with the snowy leaves and berries!
    We have lots of snow in Duesseldorf too - we had visitors at the weekend, and took them to a castle. It looked stunning in the snow! Blog post to follow..... ;-)

  6. What a fun filled time you've had! Suzy x


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