Monday, 25 February 2013

The girl is three

Half term has been and gone in a whirl of busyness;  what a relief it has been to finally step off the merry go round of life and enjoy some time at home. My job has come to an end and although I will really miss my gorgeous class I will not miss the seven thirty drop at breakfast club and the endless catch up with everything.  

Space and time you are most welcome to return!

My little old blog has been a casualty of the no time for anything but essentials while full time teaching, inevitably supermarket shopping has taken priority over crafting and taking photos  has become a way to record children's progress in school rather than a beautiful memory of my own little ones progress. I feel a little sad I haven't kept up with the Ruby month photos as they are an amazing record to keep.

The girl is now three and celebrating her birthday in half term was a fun family event.  She is such a fun age and loved her princess dress  and various plastic necklaces.  Her top present was a Peppa Pig pillow and duvet set - hopefully she will be in her own big bed very soon.

This is dependent on our building work being finished, oldest boy is being moved into the newly built extension and small girl will move into his room.  This seems to be taking a long time in finishing and patience is very much needed.  To add to the chaos we are also knocking down a wall to make a larger kitchen, the children loved being able to graffiti on the wall!

If I look at beautiful flowers (given to me when I left work) I can almost avoid the mess.

Have you survived building work?  Tell me how.....


  1. I found it hardest as we got near the end especially as any small event pushed the finished date just that little further away. Hang on in there - it will all be worth it and just like childbirth you soon forget all the pain and angst!

  2. Happy belated birthday to Ruby. We had an extension built, I think the only way to get through it is to close your eyes to the mess and get on with it. Saying that, I don't think I'd do it again, it was so stressful, so I know what you're going through. It'll be worth it in the end.

  3. All I can say is that you will survive, but the experience might not be fun! You just have to keep the end in sight!

    Pomona x

  4. Happy birthday to your little one! Dont worry about the mess, once done you will soon get straight and think of all the extra space!

  5. I love the photo of the kids writing on the wall! What fun!!! :-)
    Try not to worry too much about the mess while the work's being done. Just keep things moving along as quickly as you can, and look forward to the big tidy-up at the end!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday wishes to your little girl. I can't believe it's 12 months since you posted about her second birthday!!! Time is certainly flying in 2013. Jx

  7. Hmmm - building mess... we're looking at getting some ourselves... I'm just worried where I'll be able to sew!
    We have a very nearly three year old here too - she thinks she's growing bigger, but she's such a little baby :)


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