Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Beautiful Baby Makes

Thank you to everyone who has helped welcome our new sweet girl into this world.  As a family we have felt overwhelmed with the love and care shown to us. Every meal, cake, coffee,  card  and gift has been valued and appreciated.

This was a bonus little babe, and it has taken time for the surprise and shock to fade. She announced her presence just before Christmas and was born  on Palm Sunday.  Not a long time to accept and get ready to welcome  new disruption into our lives.  Our full stop baby has brought with her a lot of joy, added so much to our family already and has given  a fantastic reason to create beautiful baby  makes.

Ideas to Inspire : Baby Vest Beautifying

I am going to share some of these baby makes over time and hope they inspire you to create something special for a small person. Some things made by me and some by creative pals.  Of course I take no credit for these ideas from a whole range of amazing friends.

The first one was sent by a super talented lady who recently moved across the big pond and can spend her days sewing in the sunshine  state. We spent a lot of lovely time together last year chatting and drinking tea as we made items for the craft stall at the school fayre.

A plain white baby vest with a something lovely embroidered on the front.  My mind is buzzing with ideas inspired by these;  I have plans to sew her name with small purple flowers (violets)   or maybe a little sun or simple words such as cuddle me or feed me.

Totally my sort of craft being quick, simple and not expensive, I know I will be making lots.

I have just realised the sleep suit  small babe is wearing  has  embroidered animals on, another idea....

Such a simple idea but very effective, an easy and quick baby gift.

Thank you  for the gift and the inspiration.

What would you put on the front of a baby vest?


  1. Congratulations! I was quite an unexpected surprise for my parents especially as it was second time around for them and mum was 45 when she had me! x

  2. Very creative. I like it very much.

  3. So lovely to hear from you Grace. And your baby! Oh my, what a cutie! Congratulations. I love her name, it's perfect. Hope you're all ok and lots of love xxx

  4. A lovely post and those vests are really gorgeous - I love the simplicity of them. I don't like overly fussy things so I think I'd go for the same sort of thing if I were making one. XX


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