Saturday, 25 May 2013

Saturday Sunshine

Finally it seems as if the sun has come out to play again; it was so cold we had to put the fire on last night,  at the end of May!

An end to all the rain makes  it is even more exciting to be able to be outside today.
The washing is hanging, the younger kids are  jumping and there is a stray football being kicked about.

Small boy looks innocent enough for now...

 not for long!

A beautiful girl has been ordered to collect the lost ball

and is happy to give a silly smile on the way.

I hope you find a little bit of sunshine to enjoy today,  let's hope it lasts all weekend.

Have you found some sunshine today?


  1. I was so pleased to see the sun shining into the conservatory this morning I took a photo - just so I could look at it on grey days!!! Have a lovely week with your family. Jx

  2. Aww, gorgeous little cutie pies!
    I cant believe our weather,we had the central heating on yesterday as it was so cold and today its really warm and sunny.You cant win!

  3. Long may this sunshine last. Have a great Sunday, Mich x

  4. Wasn't it wonderful to finally enjoy some sunshine? Just came across your blog via Catch a Single Thought. 6 children???! I'm still in shock! I struggle with 3! x

    1. Just become seven......madness and a lot of God's grace!


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