Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Flowers for Forty

Spending almost all of half term, decorating,  sorting, cleaning  and clearing the clutter has resulted in a lovely tidy house. 

  Just in time to celebrate a milestone.

Not really sure how I got to be so old all of a sudden but it is such an amazing feeling to be celebrating with all the building work behind us and the house (mostly) sorted.  

The day started with a beautiful smile from my babe and a surprise banner in the kitchen, a little too early but at least I got to enjoy the birds singing.

A day of flowers had begun: 

A fragrant surprise at the door,

 a namesake rose to plant,

cards making me smile.

bunting blowing,

tins to fill  and 

 gorgeous cakes to eat.

Most importantly people to share it all with  and a chance to take a photo of my smiling (ish) lovelies.

A day full of flowers, smiles and sunshine was a perfect way to enter a new decade.

How would you or did you spend your fortieth?


  1. A belated happy birthday, it looks like you had a fab time and were very spoilt. What a lovely picture of your family. I celebrate the next milestone this year and will be staying in a cottage in the middle of nowhere, beside a beck in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales with my family - I can't wait! My 40th was also a quiet affair by the seaside in Dorset, again with the family. Have a great week XX

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! What a lovely day and gorgeous pic of your family.
    My 40th was spent in Amsterdam! It seems like yesterday but crazily my 50th is now only 3 years away! M x

  3. Happy belated birthday. What a lovely photo of your family, definitely one for the album. It was a school day on my 40th so Hubby and I had the day to ourselves in York then celebrated with a meal out with the children in the evening.

  4. A belated Happy Birthday to you! The photo is wonderful. My 40th was spent quietly - just the 4 of us, with a meal out in the evening.

  5. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a lovely time.
    Mine was very low key, a meal out with family.
    Your family look very happy, I love that last photo.XX

  6. Can certainly recommend the 40's! I was thoroughly spoilt by the Follies with lots of pleasant surprises.

  7. Happy Birthday! I spent my 40th at home I had a party and BBQ and we had a darts tournament (I won!) hehe, lots of fun & laughter. Looks like you had a lovely day. To get a rose as a gift has got to be the best pressie ever!

    Re: my chicken run - We had to keep our hens in a run when we had our dog, sadly we lost her last year so we can free range now. We had quite a big run for the hens when our dog was around. Have you got a small area of your garden that you could fence/chicken wire off? They dont need a very big area x

  8. Happy birthday! I think I had a kind of tea party in the garden, not exactly wild I know, but fun to organise! Heather x

  9. I felt like that last year, but it's not such a bad

    Happy belated birthday.

    Nina xxx

  10. Happy belated Birthday! Where does the time go?


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