Thursday, 20 June 2013

Home made baby wipes

 Sorting out the endless washing earlier I looked at a towel that had certainly seen better days  and I decided to re make it into small baby wipes.  I usually use a baby flannel to clean after a nappy change but these wipes are a much better size.

Here's how to make super simple baby wipes:

1.  Find a handy size tupperware box  and cut up an old towel  (fleece fabric works well too).  Use the box lid as a template if you find that helpful but there is no need for accuracy.

2.  Check the wipes fit in the box, 

3.  Make a cleansing solution :

You will need

Camomile tea  (to clean)
Drop of tea tree oil (antiseptic)
Drop of lavender oil (smells so nice)
Dash of Olive oil (or any you have in the cupboard)

In a bowl mix the tea bag with hot water and add the other ingredients, let it infuse for a while and enjoy the amazing smell.

4.  You can either pour it into a bottle and put it onto a dry cloth when wiping baby.  Be prepared for comments from any older children ....I am sure you can guess what they think it looks like!

or you can soak the wipes in the solution.

5.  Put the wet wipes ( wring out if very wet) in the box and find a sweet babe.

Of course these wipes have lots of other uses, even if you don't have a small person to clean.

Smelling a lot nicer than throwaway wipes, simple and easy to use, saving money and the environment.  

Thrifty and green, not bad for five minutes of effort!

You will also have a slightly perfect mother moment; the one that you feel when you are able to offer freshly made cakes to visitors or someone pops round when you are baking bread. 

Tell me what makes you feel "perfect" for a moment!


  1. Ha. My way to feel like a perfect mother is much less creative!! I've been watching "child genius" on channel 4 which is a terrifying programme and definitely makes me feel like a great mother!!

    1. Totally going to watch that now! Xx

  2. Sorry should have signed that... Pippa V xx

  3. Yes I made some recently! Old towel one one side and fleece/jersey on the other. I've just been using water as it seems that's fine on my boys' bottoms :)

  4. What a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing x

  5. That's such a lovely idea. Much kinder on the environment and probably on the baby's skin too. x


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