Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Moment to Make

When the most creative thing you have done in weeks is balance the bank account or stretch a bag of lentils into several meals. When the baby has been teething, the children ill and  it is raining and miserable outside; such times as these deem it necessary to ignore never ending chores and take a moment to make.

Having spent the last few months (years) sorting the clutter and stuff of our lives,   changing the furniture around and trying to make this oldpolicehouse into a place that works well for our family, there seems to be a lovely space for me in our now redundant dining room.  We still have no idea what to call this room, which as of  last week is now no longer a dumping ground.  A crafty study homework room seems to be the latest  name.

I've had a crafty corner for a while  but it was in the midst of a lot of boxes, bags and general household junk, those pictures were hiding a huge mess.  Not at all relaxing or inspiring.

It is still not finished but after a furniture shuffle the radiator is clear and the room works so much better,  just to keep it real you can actually walk in it now!

No one seems to mind that I am gradually taking it over with pictures and things that make me happy.

Love these vintage sewing items, the packaging is fabulous.

These victorian bible verses are beautiful, both to look at and read.

My Mollie Makes calendar is reminding me to get busy, happily I have a pile of delicious fabric to cut and sew.

My moment of making is set to start and I must grab it before the babe awakes.

What happy thing do you do in those moments to yourself?


  1. It looks lovely! I'l have to pop over for coffee and a nosey!....I'm trying to declutter our house now kids at school. Hasn't been done in years!....impressed you find time to be crafty! ENJOY the peace! x

  2. That is so nice, Grace. I'm glad you have a little space of your own.

  3. Looks very nice!
    Looking forward to seeing what you make with all that gorgeous, colourful fabric.....

  4. How wonderful to have a space of your own to be creative! If I get a moment like this to myself I make a cup of tea, put Radio 4 on and attempt a little crochet. x

  5. It sounds like the perfect corner. Jx

  6. It looks like it will be a lovely, happy and creative space Grace! I love those wire heart displays!
    I hope you manage to find some time soon to make things in your new space, with some of your children or on your own, you are sure to have some fun! Especially with Halloween coming up, and there are loads of ideas on Pinterest to get you going!
    Gill xx

  7. I think it' s wonderful Grace. I am amazed you get any time to yourself with your lovely family. Your personal crafting time must be so precious to you. I love to make myself a lovely coffee, have a homemade cake and a lovely home magazine to read in my spare moments.

  8. I remember seeing those vintage sewing items in my mum's sewing box, I wonder if she still has them. It sounds lovely to have a bit of space to yourself. If I get a few minutes, I read blogs, crochet, knit or read.


Thank you for your lovely comments, they really do brighten my day!