Wednesday, 19 March 2014

An Apple Quilt

The sun is shining which means I can finally take a photo of Mabel's quilt. Happily  hanging on the line gently swaying in the breeze it looks beautiful.

Made for Mabel by my talented mother, this quilt was a special Christmas gift. Created using a  Moda jelly roll  called 'little apples collection' by Aneela Hoey this quilt has been called 'Apple Quilt'. Jelly rolls are a rather fabulous circle of fabric pre cut into strips to sew into something special.

Grandma even sewed apples around the side decorating between Mabel's name.

Look at the sweet little binding around the side.

As we have sat snuggled into the quilt we have looked at the "pretty people" and talked about our favourite. 

Ruby loves the "hula hoop girl and the mummy one".

 I absolutely love the colours and the slightly vintage feel to the sweet little characters.

The different blocks look beautiful together.

The best thing about it, of course, is snuggling up into it when you feel a little bit tired. Remembering all the love that went into every stitch.

It probably feels even better if it is stolen from your sister!

A Christmas gift to treasure.

Have you got a treasured handmade gift?


  1. What a lovely quilt!! I love all the little people on the fabric and the apples on the border. Your Mum did a great job, obviously a talented lady! It will surely become a treasured heirloom in your family. xx

  2. Your mum is a very talented lady. I still have crochet blankets that my mum and work colleagues made for my children. They are all washed and put away safely in acid free tissue paper to pass onto them when and if they have their own families. I think I may be waiting sometime for that event so just as well they are put away safely.

  3. Its beautiful Grace. I have a very uneven lopsided pottery money box made for me by my eldest son when he was about 8 . I couldnt part with it. I have also got a variety of little things made for me by my grand children that I will never part with!

  4. Oooooh, Grandma has created a beautiful quilt for Mabel - she's very clever! I have embroidered a couple of those little girls which I can see on Aneela Hoey's fabric - she had included them in her book 'Little Stitches' - they are so sweet aren't they! Mabel looks so happy with her new treasure, and rightly so! Joy xo

  5. What a perfect gift for Mabel, Aneela Hoey is one of my most favourite fabric designers and I just love the way your gorgeous Mum has combined all of these fabulous designs into her quilt. Real talent and magic. A lovely post, really enjoyed it
    Big hugs and loves

  6. That is a really beautiful quilt, something to treasure forever. My mother in law is a very talented knitter and has made my two many lovely cardigans, jumpers and hats over the years. x


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