Monday, 22 September 2014

Four and Seven

New adventures lie ahead of this little lady.  Four short years at home have gone by far too quickly and her time to start the school journey has come.

  She is very ready for the next step but I will miss spending my afternoons with this sweet girl.

I will miss her fabulous fashion sense. The joy she takes in dressing up, her amazing imagination and capacity for laughter have been my company whilst the small one sleeps. 

The Grandma made Elsa costume has been almost worn out, her happy times jumping and singing "Let it go" are a beautiful memory of her pre school year.

Singing on the swing has been another favourite activity, our neighbours always mention her sweet songs.

Her little companion will miss her far more than I will; hours spent playing and plotting will seem long without her big sister.

I will miss not having anyone to entertain this little lady!

So tired after spending her first morning and lunch at school, she put herself to bed as soon as we got home!

So good to capture these  happy moments again, I have missed my little blog.

Seasons of change, Life moving on.

What happy moments do you want to capture today?


  1. So sweet. My not so little man has just started secondary school ... he suddenly seems grown up and yet still so very small ... and is also very tired!

  2. so lovely, what a gorgeous post x

  3. Aw lovely girl world!

  4. Unfortunately time see's to go by so quickly. Such lovely memories.

  5. Hello, nice to see you back here. Sometimes it takes my breath away, how fast the time passes. Long days, short years is how someone described parenting to me, and it's so true. x


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