Monday, 7 March 2011

Baby Thanksgiving

It's taken us a year and we have already done it many times but eventually we got around to officially thanking God for the precious gift of Ruby.  The whole family was prayed for by the leaders of our church  during the sunday service and we committed ourselves afresh to this huge task of parenting.

We invited lots of family and friend round for a cup of tea and yummy cake afterwards.  It's been such a hectic and busy year we've not had chance to catch up with friends much, so it was  lovely to invite everyone over to share this special day.  It was pretty packed as it started to rain and we had hoped to put the children in the garden...I think we managed to squeeze over sixty people  in!  The little children loved playing the Wii and the older boys escaped to the park to get very muddy playing football, leaving lots of time for the adults to enjoy chatting and eating delicious cakes.

Yummy, yummy cakes but even better than cake was spending time with the special people who share our lives.  Thank you if you are reading this!

The lady of the moment looked lovely in her rosy red dress and matching hat . The only photo taken of her in her pretty dress was by her seven year old brother just as we were leaving!


  1. lovely cakes Grace! Did you bake yourself? She looked very cute on the day!

  2. What a special occasion this is..I have the privilege of praying and dedicating parents and little ones in our church.


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