Friday, 18 March 2011

Who is Phillip?

Little man has been talking about "Phillip" all week,  telling us he doesn't have a washing machine and has to pay to go to school.  We were told he "really is" at little man's pre school and Caroline (his teacher) knows  him too. We were baffled as to who this mystery person was  as he "doesn't go out to play and has no skin!"   As the week progressed we have been hearing more details about him, Phillip lives a shed, is little like him and little man has  to take money  in for him.  

Who was this mystery boy?

It was only after bumping into his teacher as I dropped the middlies at breakfast club yesterday that it all started to make sense.  Philip is the name of the little boy from the Comic Relief pack for early years, a real life person from a village in Uganda for the pre schoolers to relate to and help them understand what Red nose day is all about.  How not all children are  as fortunate as them and how they can share what they have to benefit others.  Little man thought it was very funny to wear his pyjamas to school with a red nose!

Ruby went to creepy crawlies and made very good use of her patch.

The middlies celebrated red nose  a day early by wearing the wrong clothes on the wrong day (also pyjamas which was very easy).  They ate a very small lunch at school to remember those  in need and raise awareness of the work CAFOD does with those who live in poverty.

Lovely older girl is spending the day in silence.........only at school raise a contribution  for comic relief.  Mr oldpolicehouse was in a bit of a rush and sadly didn't really embrace the "monsters"  day at his school.  My school held a mad hair day, so much quicker in the morning.

Just to let you know it is very hard to take a register with a red nose on!  

Happy red nose day to all.....give  generously!

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  1. Blimey Grace, what an achievement, I hope you managed to raise lots of dosh and enjoyed yourselves in the process. Particularly like the hair!


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