Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Thirteen months

Styling by older sisters, enjoying the garden in the  beautiful late afternoon sun.....about to be squashed by lively older brother.

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  1. Georgeous photos Grace!!

    I'm sorry l've taken so long to reply! I had not realised that there was a message on my last post...l'm trying to see if they have a message/comment alert button somewhere so l don't get caught out again!

    And yes , l do have a couple of the same head bands that my Ruby has on in the logo photo..they come in new born size, ( 16 inches), 17 inches, up to 20 inches ( fits my head ! ) and cost $10 each. They are knitted in wool/acrylic mixes, wash just fine and have a little bit of give in them so they are pretty easy to get on ( keeping them on can be hard however haha)

    Take care, cheers,
    Dani ~ Ruby's Creative Mumma


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