Tuesday, 28 February 2012

In a Flash

I have always loved taking photos and have boxes full of happy memories recorded on film.  My little  while 35mm film camera was a good consolation for moving when I was a teenager  and the grainy, dark four by six results are treasures of happy teenage  years.  For my eighteenth I had a slightly better camera which followed me around Europe  that summer  and stayed with me for lots of happy and life changing events. That little black Olympus has given me boxes of crazy student memories (always printed using triple prints so my housemates could share the snaps), it was there at my wedding, and then captured those first  precious moments of three of my  children's  life.  I would probably still be using it if my husband hadn't given it to a colleague who held it while jumping into a  pool  on a work exchange in America! 

with automatic flash

The guilt prompted him to buy a digital camera to present to me on his return, and there started a new season in memory recording. Almost eight years later and I have acquired a slightly better camera  and am still snapping my way through our life.  Every birthday I long for a photo like the one at the top and always end up with one like the one above, until this year when in a flash of inspiration I suddenly looked at the camera settings and realised there was a no flash setting.   I realised I could achieve the  type of photo I always wanted  for that birthday candle moment  by turning  the flash off.     I am so pleased with the result, why did I never think of that before?

Do something different with your 
camera next time you use it,
  see if something amazing happens! 


  1. I hate flash and try really hard not to use it - even in pretty dark conditions. The picture at the top of your post is lovely! Jx

  2. Gorgeous photo! I much prefer digital cameras in that you can see what you have snapped.I used to waste so much money having film developed and my photos being very poor!

  3. That is a very beautiful picture of a beautiful little girl! It's amazing what a difference it makes when you actually learn how to use your camera!

    Here's to taking better shots :)


  4. I love that cake and what a gorgeous girly!!
    In other news...I've tagged you in a little meme.

  5. What a lovely photo, so magical in the dark with the candles lighting the scene. I got a new camera for Christmas and so far I've only used the automatic setting, I really need to learn how to use it.


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