Friday, 10 February 2012

snow beautiful

Sunday's snow was rapidly washed away  and playing time was minimal so it was very exciting to have a fresh sprinkling to wake up to.  There is something very calming and serene  about new  early morning undisturbed snow, it looked so pretty as I let the cat out earlier today.  The snowy bush looked amazing, the contrast between the pure snow and red berries was gorgeous.

These rooftops looked especially beautiful covered in snow.

We were all hopeful for an early start to half term with a snow day but it was not to be.  Sledging to school started off being lots of fun,

  but ended  fairly predictably  in  a  very wet way  with lots of laughter as they fell on top of each other,  lots of little boy fun was enjoyed.

I had fun playing with Ruby in the garden  after we returned home, she absolutely loved  being on the sledge!

Her laughter was spontaneous and her smile was as beautiful as the early morning snow, I felt very thankful to be sharing such simple pleasures with her.

I hope you find something   beautiful in your day today!


  1. really enjoyed your post today. have had some good news from Jonny and the SU at work have been absolutely brilliant raising money for the premature baby charity Bliss. All in all a good day! x

  2. I love the heart photo, how did you do that? Suzy x

  3. Oh Grace, that is totally beautiful!!
    My kids have never seen snow - I've only seen it once and it was miserable dirty stuff, not pretty and white like yours...

  4. Hello fellow Chalet School lover! That's a gorgeous picture of Ruby in your post today. Did you make her scarf? It's so pretty! I will definitely do a more extensive Chalet School post if you're interested. I've also become your latest follower! Have a great weekend. Jx

  5. Thanks for that, I do know picnik and have used it loads and even subscribed to it (at least I'll get my money back) but I'm trying to wean myself off of it as it's closing.....boohoooo!! I've just noticed the comment above re the scarf, it is beautiful. Suzy x

  6. Such lovely photos Grace, you certainly have a gift. Great blog post once again. xx

  7. Thanks for asking your friend about the pottery, much appreciated. The lens I use is the one that came with the camera which is a Nikon 18-55mm. I would love some more powerful ones but ouch, the prices!!! Did you manage to work out how to put the copyright on pics from the info I left you? Suzy x

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I'd like to pass on the Liebster Blog award to you. Not sure if you have less than 200 followers, but I think your blog is well worth sharing anyway :) x


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