Friday, 3 February 2012

Blogging Joy

I am really enjoying blogging at the moment, it has been fun capturing everyday moments of my life and thinking about them in a creative way.


It has been especially exciting to know other people have enjoyed reading my posts, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to give  such kind words and positive comments about my photography.  I very much enjoyed all the comments and memories provoked by some of my words; we had a fun Facebook chat reminiscing about the naughty deeds our children had managed to notch up.  Sudocrem seemed to feature highly in most misdemeanours! 

I am overwhelmed to have been nominated for my first blog award from five  fellow bloggers.  Such a lovely thing to accept  and then pass onto other deserving blogs.  The Versatile blogger award rules are that you should pass it on to fifteen recently discovered blogs and let the bloggers know that they have been nominated.  I am cheating a bit as I am sharing ten new blogs but thanking and including  the five who nominated me.  

Here are ten lovely ways to waste time: 

Very different but all inspirational and fun to read; you will have serious shed envy after looking at Jane's gorgeous shed in tea wagon tales!

Thank you!

 I was nominated for the award by all these lovely bloggers who have already received the award but are  well worth a read:

Thank you ever so much lovely ladies, you brighten my day with your words and pictures.  If you have been nominated and choose to accept you also need to give seven facts about yourself.  Here are mine:

1.I will be forty next year  (huge gulp!)
2. I am a primary school teacher
3. Blog reading has replaced magazine reading as a fun way to relax
4. I love making things 
5. I never have time to finish anything
6. I love a bargain  and saving money, thrifty finds fill me with glee
7. Turquoise is my favourite colour ever

Have fun discovering new blogs!


  1. Aww thanks Grace, although I am a bit of a rambler at times, eh. lol

  2. Grace!!

    Thank you so much!


  3. Hi Grace, I agree about blog reading replacing magazines! How true - it's like collating stuff and producing your own tailored magazine...and even better it's free! AND you meet lovely people x

  4. thank you so much - sorry it is a bit belated! I have changed the address to my blog

    I am in the process of writing my responding post but with it being half term, it is taking forver lol!


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