Friday, 27 July 2012

All dressed up and ready to Olympic party!

Escaping the madness of potty training and house tidying I took the older girls to town this morning.  I haven't been for a while and it looked so pretty all dressed up for the Olympics.

We walked through the cathedral and the colourful bunting looked happy and welcoming gently dancing in the breeze.

The big screen live link up was being prepared, what a beautiful setting to view a great sporting achievement. 

The high street was busy and the colourful bunting looked fantastic hanging from the old buildings.

Two girls humouring their camera obsessed mother!

Our little city is ready and it seems as if our big city is also ready to welcome the Olympics 2012.  

The excitement is building, even our tiny  local church joined the nation to celebrate by ringing the bells at 8.12 this morning.

What a special day to celebrate.

 Today would have been my Grandad's one hundredth birthday.

I love the fact his special day has been marked in such a memorable way: A fitting  tribute to such a special man.

Is your town looking colourful in an Olympic way?


  1. Gorgeous photos Grace, and gorgeous girls!
    We are excited too - we are having some champagne to toast the opening ceremony. Enjoy x

  2. My sister and I head to London tomorrow for a little holiday. I'm sure we'll see the city at it's best during the Olympic fun. Love Katie xx

  3. Hi Grace,
    Your city are really into the Olympic atmosphere. Here in our village is everything pretty quiet.
    I will have a look around Winchester town tomorrow.

  4. Not quite so olympiccy here in Ibiza but we are sat here watching BBC coverage and very excited! Winchester looks lovely. N xxx

  5. Will be glued to the tv this evening for the opening ceremony! Loving all that Olympic bunting!
    Victoria xx

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