Friday, 20 July 2012

All Change

Today was the last day of school for this year, and with it came change.  I have been working mainly with a year six class in a local village school this year and their last day of primary school is a curious mix of emotions:  Happiness that they have reached a point of maturity and are  equipped  to take the leap from primary to secondary education, mixed with huge relief that they are able to move on as they have pretty much outgrown their small school.  Sadness to see them depart,  combined with joy at seeing the amazing people they are becoming and knowing in some small way you have been a part of the shaping and guiding process.  That is only the teachers emotions, there were several sobbing parents at the leavers' assembly this morning.

Being a teacher is an immense privilege, the amazing feeling at being able to inspire and motivate children is what keeps you going on those days  when the job feels never ending, usually a wet playtime day.

The picture above is  me  by a talented young artist in the class and was  the  chosen for the school website, her mum wrote a card to me   today thanking me for "helping my daughter to have confidence in herself".  I felt very overwhelmed  and again thankful for the way in which my everyday job can have a big impact on a child's life.  What a responsibility!

A very old photo - I must take some more pictures of this very english village

It was a reflective day for me as I too am moving to another school  and will miss the pretty Hampshire village and surrounding countryside.  The kind words by parents meant so much; if you have a child at school do make an effort to thank their teachers as words are very much appreciated.  Another emotional moment was the parents presenting me with beautiful gifts in assembly, being appreciated and thanked means a lot.  

Continuing my emotional moments,  I glanced  at a pile of papers left by the printer and read the words my teacher husband spoke at a speech he gave about a leaving colleague this afternoon;

"As a teacher, always believe that you can change the lives of young people for the better.  Be generous with your time and with your love....."

Have you ever had a teacher who changed your life for the better?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world. I taught kindergarten for 7 years and really enjoyed working with young students. Now I work with the superintendent in the American school my boys attend and have been doing that for the past 5 years. Since I was a legal secretary years ago, it is nice to be back doing administrative work again. Since we hire so many international teachers, recruiting is a constant part of the job throughout the entire school year. I'm amazed at how many teaching couples there are out there to be found. The drawing of you by your student is so lovely. I like those earrings. :) Have a great holiday. Best wishes as you move to your new school. Take care, Tammy

  2. Such a sweet drawing of you. I'm not surprised you are a little emotional! x

  3. good luck! movimg on is hard. my daughter was in tears yesterday and she's not even leaving the school, but she's emotional about leaving her teacher, and her class is getting mixed up with the other class in their year group and she's sad about some of her friends going ot the other class. I had a couple of great teachers, mainly 6th form, it must be said - one in particular who probably saved me from all sorts of frights and horrors that can befall a 16yr old struggling with life. All fine now!

  4. Don't know HOW you managed to teach Year Six, with all your crew! How do you do it??? I found it hard before I had my little one and have not had the heart to go back to it. Love your husband's quote though - inspiring stuff!

  5. Such a lovely pic of you, it must make you feel so appreciated. I know I am very grateful for the teachers at my boys school, they play such a large part in their lives. I hope you enjoy teaching the children at your knew school, wishing you lots of luck in your new job.

    Thank you for your kind comment, hope you are having a super weekend.

    Louise xx

  6. Good luck with the new school. Please tell us a bit more about it in another post. Will be thinking of you in September. I am so settled in my current place that I don't even look at the adverts nowadays...! Jx


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