Sunday, 22 July 2012

Two & five and a little bit naughty!

The start of the summer holidays always  seems to prompt a huge clear up, de clutter and tidy in our house.  Is it just us, or does anyone else do this? It does seem a little ridiculous to tidy up before the six weeks of toy playing and chaos but it seems to help with the first few days of the holiday. Always takes a few days to settle down  and get used to   being with each other; I am  so so thankful to be married to a teacher  who acts as my co referee and share the role of fight master.  All is well after those initial squabbles and we probably ease the stress by cleaning and sorting.

This afternoon I was tidying the food cupboards and found some very out of date baby jars, while I was reminiscing about baby days the "baby" found a huge jar of chocolate spread.  Independent as ever she helped herself to a spoon and rapidly ate as much as she could, she knows a sibling will be along to share it if she isn't quick.  My children are super fast at eating sweets (to avoid sharing) and particularly nice food on the table will go in a flash!  

She saw me and made a quick exit  into the garden. 

Ever the fashionista she paused to choose her footwear  before running away, this girl loves shoes so much - why not have a different one on each foot?

Flip flopping up the garden still with a chocolatey spoon and a dress on back to front!

Time is going by so fast and we are hoping to leave nappy days behind soon, this sunny weather has arrived just in time  for her  to start wearing big girl pants and using the potty. Two years and five months seems a good age and she is always telling me to change her nappy. Even though I have done   it five times before I seem to have  blissfully forgotten about the joys of potty training!

Any top potty training tips anyone?

Enjoy the sunshine this week...


  1. When I was potty training my daughter 25 and a half years ago PHEW!!!!!I took her shopping and I bought myself new knickers and she asked if she could have some (no prompting),when we got home she took her nappy off, on went the pants and no more nappies simple as that,she was also out of bedtime nappies a couple of months later,I could not believe my luck my friends didnt have the same result with teir children.Hope you have a quick result best time of year to tackle it.Good luck, loveJill xx

  2. Joanna Roebuck22 July 2012 at 22:49

    Good luck Grace. We will be heading to you for advice when Humphrey gets there. Thankful for the better weather for days in the gardens with accidents! Hope you are all well? Jo & David xx
    Ps agreed with the clear up/out. Need to start ours!

  3. I potty trained little miss a few months ago. I just went for it. We'd had the potty in the bathroom and she'd been sitting on it at bath times and then I just took the nappies off one day and put her in knickers. We had a couple of accidents on the first day but by day 3 that was it and we've never looked back :) I was dreading it to be honest but it went really well, much to my relief! Good luck!
    Victoria xx

  4. Hi Grace, little choccy face is having a good time. Hopefully I will be selling cards on Folksy soon have set up the shop there, but just need daughter to photo them. Julie xxx

  5. No tips on potty training I'm afraid, I potty trained mine too long ago to remember! Your daughter is so adorable - I'd love to be digging in to a pot of chocolate spread too, I was one of five so I know all about sharing!! Isn't it great that the weather has changed for the better at the start of the school hols? Usually it's the other way round. I always have to leave my house tidy and clean before I go away as I hate coming back to a messy house...Have a lovely summer break. X

  6. None of my children have ever used a potty, I just have one of those seats on the toilet for them and a foot stool. I don't see the point in potty training and then having to toilet train, why not just do it all in one go?

  7. Hi Grace. You have won my Ladybird Book competition on A Thrifty Mum. Can you let me have your address.

    Both the boys went straight to the loo and missed out potties, as I have a phobia about them (sorry not very helpful I know)!

  8. What gorgeous photos! Enjoy every minute of the holiday... hopefully we will have more of this fantastic weather. Jx

  9. Oh what a minx she is with her chocolate spread - being one of 6 myself, I do empathise with eating quickly! xx

  10. I am grateful everyday that my little one is fully trained now. But that took a lot of time and patience. I know you will get there. They say that girls are easier than boys. :)

  11. Hi Grace, she is a real cutie and I love to see my grandchildren with grubby hands and faces, I always think it shows they are having a good, if messy, time. Not so sure their parents would agree though!! I always send them back much messier than they came!!
    Not sure about the potty training because it was such a long time ago with my boys, but I think I remember when we were indoors just leaving them in a tee shirt and no pants or nappies but the potty strategically placed. I think we probably had a lot of wet carpets!

  12. I always waited until the Summer so any accidents were made outside and my girls couldn't bare being in wet undies so within a week the job was done. Though it all depends on when the 'being able to hold on' reflex kicks in I'm afraid - well that was my understanding when potty training my little ones. I guess you'll both know when it's right.

    Have fun,

    Nina xxx

  13. aahh love those photos :-) Re potty training, I used stickers to get mine to use a potty, if they did anything on there they got a sticker either in a little book or on their potty, it seemed to work a treat :-) My last one decided she had enough of nappies herself - we had great fun trying to find a potty whilst away on holiday in Spain :-s


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