Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Dress

When you are the youngest of six there is really not much you need in the way of presents,  the oldpolicehouse is already overflowing with toys and games for every age group.   However everyone needs a little spoiling at Christmas  and I wanted our littlest to have a special just for you gift.  Ignoring all the many presents yet to be bought and wrapped, I hunted through my ever growing pile of lovely fabrics and chose a festive colour for a new dress.

It was really quick to make, despite many interruptions it was finished in under two hours. The  pattern (from here) included a very simple tutorial which made the whole process very easy, this was also where I bought the gorgeous baby cord fabric.  I am sure  Ruby will get lots of use out of this very practical as well as pretty dress, the neckband is elastic which hopefully will make it easy for her to dress herself in the future too.

I am off to make a matching eye patch now,  conveniently ignoring the ever growing to do list. 

 Our advent candle is telling us there is not much longer left before the big day!


  1. This is a lovely dress, you're so clever. I want to learn dressmaking, I've bought a book but have barely had time to open it, let alone make something. Hopefully soon. Five more sleeps! Merry Christmas.
    Lots of love,
    Emma xxx xxx

  2. Grace, the dress is adorable and she will so cute in it I'm sure. Beautiful cheery fabric and of course, perfect for Christmas!
    Kate x

  3. What a charming red dress for Ruby! She is such a lucky girl. You have inspired me to make one for my littlest one.

    Savour the last few days of Advent.

    Warm wishes from France.


  4. That dress is gorgeous, popped over to the site but can't find a link for it :-( It looks beautiful, well done !

    Take care

  5. oh that little dress is adorable xxx

  6. Really cute! @Scented Sweetpeas - Amanda is out of the country so shop is in maintenance mode.


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