Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Traditions

Not many decorations at toddler level this year!

Over the years we have been parents  (fourteen now) we have worked hard to build a secure family basis for our children, we aim to create a place where they feel loved and accepted and a valued part of the nuclear family group.  We are in such a privileged position to be surrounded by not only a wonderful extended family but also a very supportive church family.

The advent countdown made when my oldest was tiny.

It has been so helpful to watch others who are further on in the parenting journey and take note of the wonderful ways so many parents are working to build a strong and secure family unit.  Many things have been helpful to us including  parenting books, a positive parenting course  and a marriage course .   We have seen the value and importance of creating family traditions;  these have evolved from our own childhood ways of doing things, using ideas from other families as well as repeating things which have been fun.

Christmas is a time for creating and enjoying many traditions,  our children know all these and insist we do them all every year!  Some of ours include:

* writing a Christmas Eve letter to Santa and leaving out a carrot for Rudolf, a beer and a mince pie for the man himself

* He always replies in very shaky handwriting, one of our children has pointed out the similarites to the tooth fairy letters, we have no idea what she means!

* He always leaves a footprint and the reindeer leave some poo (looking very like raisins!)

* Watching a Christmas film a day in the run up to the big day

* Having a yummy Christmas (Just us) breakfast using the special plates which come out for birthdays and special days

* Using the same decorations every year, keeping as many as possible made while they were small

* Having Christmas Eve tea in front of the fire watching The Polar Express in  pyjamas and eating lots of festive cake and chocolate.

* Stockings in the morning on our bed which always include an orange and chocolate coins amid the rest of the presents.

* Letting them open one present before church but making them wait until after lunch for most of them!

* Always encouraging the children to be as creative as possible in their understanding and interpretation of the Christmas story *

What traditions do you create in your family, we are always on the lookout for new ones!


  1. I love your Christmas traditions... and I`m sure your children will treasure those precious memories FOREVER!

  2. Like you we have built up the traditions over the years and ours include a christmas eve walk finishing with hot chocolate either at home or a coffe shop.

  3. Merry Christmas Grace,
    Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm sure you're children will look back fondly at their childhood Christmases. I bet it's very hectic in your house with all those lovely children. It's been wonderful getting to know you. Have a lovely day tomorrow and happy new year.
    Lots of love,
    Emma xxx xxx


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