Sunday, 11 December 2011

It's Christmas in our house!

So I was told by my four year old very early this morning.  Looking around I would have to agree, the tree is up (and rapidly being dismantled by the littlest child), there are cards strung around the walls, a variety of decorations hung and the television guide is being read and favourite films circled.

I really love the cover of the  Christmas Radio Times this year: the festive colours and simple design work so well together, I am hoping it will not get too destroyed as I plan to save it.  We only buy a television guide at Christmas and usually a  much more frugal version but I was totally swayed by the fantastic design this year. The free Gruffalo book will be a favourite with little man too.

The middle children have been busy writing special letters, using the most lovely of Christmas packs bought from Primark.  They were only a pound and kept them quiet for ages as they included a great Christmas activity book, colouring pencils, a door hanger to make and a special pencil with a festive rubber,  excellent value for money!

These then had to be put in the special envelope and sent to the busy man himself.

Let's hope Chimney post is more efficient than the Royal Mail!


  1. Haha I like that about chimney post! Isn't Primark fab? We have a huge one here and we're always in there. I agree about the Radio Times cover, it's nice but will it still be in one piece after Christmas in your house? You do have six children after all haha. I'm looking forward to Downton Abbey most and The Gruffalo's Child. Merry Christmas!
    Lots of love,
    Emma xxx xxx xxx

  2. hello!! I love the letters, my boys I think are just past the santa stage but I refuse to let them so they will be humouring me and writing their letters tonight :)
    re: the shed,thankyou for your kind words, this is my first winter in there so I'm hoping it won't be damp, the walls and roof are insulated and I have a small heater,so it is toasty warm when I am in there...some days its warmer than in the house :)
    have a lovely christmas from Jane x x x x


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