Thursday, 22 December 2011

Twenty Two

Twenty two will always be the number we associate with little Ruby. Apart from one of our girls who shares a birthday with Mr oldpolicehouse, all the children have different numbers of the month for their birthday. Today our little twenty two girl is twenty two months.

We had good news from the Orthoptist last week,   her eye is improving really well.  Such fantastic news, all our hard work  patching has started to be rewarded.  

It has been lovely watching all the children spend time together this week and Ruby has loved all the attention.  "Row, Row"  is a constant demand to her oldest sister and she loves playing boats in the washing basket with her brothers.  The dummy is a love of her life and her latest trick is two at the same time!  

Christmas is such fun this year although we have had several incidents along the way,  the chocolate advent calendar  was discovered and devoured  by Ruby on December 2, the (bargain at 10p) replacement calendar also had the same fate.  The presents under the tree have been unwrapped a few  times already,  although we are not entirely sure it was not a rather cheeky four year old instead!

Three more sleeps left everyone!

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  1. You're putting me to shame - just can't find the time to chronicle like you. A new years resolution in the making there I think!


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