Friday, 23 December 2011

Love is....

It is the week before Christmas in a very busy house which is full of over  excited children,  hoovers needing to be mended, visitors  prepared for, a mad dog to take for a walk and a million annoying jobs to catch up on.  The lovely Mr oldpolicehouse  who is calmness and kindness personified agreed to the idea that we needed to brighten up our house  and it had to be this week.

Life has been busy since we moved in three years ago and we have never found the time to decorate the living room.  Having just had several large bills (just what we needed at this time of the year)  we needed to be a frugal as possible in our attempt to cheer up the house.

Hunting in the garage we found an almost used up pot of paint, my absolute favourite colour and one which I knew would look fantastic on the chimney breast.  It took about half an hour to paint and looks so fantastic we had to have a big clear up in honour of the gorgeous wall.  I am very tempted to rewrap all of the old toys discarded behind the sofa but  unfortunately they will probably realise that now!

Sexy Pink  Paint you have made me very happy but not as happy as the wonderful man who I share my life with!


  1. Hello Grace,
    Your wall looks beautiful, I love the colour! And what a lovely husband you have. Merry Christmas, two more sleeps!

    Lots of love,
    Emma xxx xxx

  2. Lovely, and the perfect timing to inject some brightness and cheer. I hope Santa doesn't dirty all your hard work on his way down!!

  3. Love the colour - we once had the eat-in part of our kitchen that colour. it definitely brightens the mood as soon as you catch a glimpse. Merry Christmas to you all.


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