Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fabulous felt flowers

These fantastic felt flowers are one of the latest makes for the craft stall at the school summer fete.

These pretty little makes  are  very easy and quick  to do.  This was our best attended craft session  and we have lots, all ready for eager little  or big girls to buy!

If you want to make one  and this would be great craft activity to do with  children, here's how you do it:

You will need: felt, something circular to draw around, scissors & matching thread, hair clip or band 

1.  Using a pencil draw around a circle, I used the top of an old baby bottle, but a small glass would work as well, you can use any size circle to start with -
 the smaller the circle the smaller the finished flower.

2. Cut the circle out, if you use pinking shears the finished flower will look like the blue & yellow ones in the first picture, if you use normal scissors your flower will look like the yellow one.

3. Cut inside the circle to create a spiral, leaving a small bit at the end, this will form the base on which the flower sits.

4. Starting at the outside edge (as shown by the pin on the photo) roll the felt up, 
inwards, towards the centre.

5. Stop it unrolling by pinning it and then sew the bottom together

looking at it from the top
looking at it from the bottom
I used contrasting thread to show in the photo, you would use matching thread to look nicer!

6. Attach (sew or glue) securely to a hair band or clip or whatever you fancy.  Larger felt flowers would look gorgeous as rings, there are lots of creative possibilities!

Don't they all look fabulous?  

Which one would you buy?


  1. They all look really delightful, Grace, I'd buy them all! ;)

  2. Probably a blue one near to the front - they seem to stand out. What a lovely idea Grace xx

  3. They look really lovely Grace. I like the green ones. xxx

  4. Such simple instructions with a very impressive result. You have some great ideas cropping up in the fete craft sessions.

  5. Hi Grace, they look really gorgeous.You could make bigger ones to use as brooches.The green is my favourite too.

  6. Definitely the pink ones, I love pinky colours, what a great fabulous idea. Julie xxx

  7. Hi Grace, thanks for the lovely comment. If you just post about the giveaway and put a link like you did on your post Jubilee Knitting when you linked back to Ravelry, that will be great. My web address is (you knew that but I thought I'd tell you anyway!). And if you tick 'open in new window' readers don't lose your page. Hope this is clear, I'm not much good at giving instructions. Good luck and lots of love xxx

  8. Wow, they look fab, and they sound so easy to make too. You're full of good ideas. I like the pink slide in your first photo but I'm sure they'll all sell really well at the fete. It's good to hear that more people are getting involved in the craft sessions too.

  9. Hi Grace, me again. I've noticed that some people have added a badge in their sidebar about the giveaway and I didn't want you to feel left out seeing as you asked about it first so will try to give details about how to do it. Ok, go to dashboard and then design and then click add a gadget. Scroll down til you come to picture and click on that and there's a box for a link that you put my web address in. I think if you copy and paste the picture from my blog and then save it to your computer, you will be able to upload it. Phew! Hope that's clear. If there's anything else just let me know. Although, don't worry if you're busy or can't be bothered, just a mention will do. Lots of love xxx

  10. They are so cute! My favourite is green.... no yellow... no blue.... no red.... oh dear - all of them! I hope they sell out :)

  11. These are so cute! I couldn't pick a favourite - I like them laying there all together, rainbow-fashion! :-)


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