Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lego Milestones

 Lichtenstein's 'Crying Girl' recreated by Bright Bricks

After the initial no school  euphoria has quickly worn off this is how we usually feel at the start of the holidays;  the adults after counting   the pennies and the children as they all settle down and get used to being with each other at home.  This year we bought a culture all passport which after the initial cost means we can have lots of fun days out for free (or only the cost of  a few of the children as we are always exceed a "family" ticket).  Determined to make the most of the April offer of extra children free we have already made good use of the card,  yesterday we visited the Milestones Museum in Basingstoke, the town of many roundabouts.  At the moment  it has gone Lego crazy with lots of lego inspired activities and creations interwoven with the already superb historical street and exhibitions.

Our two lego loving boys were very excited and even wore their favourite lego t - shirts, they were not disappointed and had such a fun time.  They loved hunting for the little lego men amid the historical artefacts, discovering the hidden easter message and being rewarded by little mini eggs.  Little man was the quietest he has ever been as he sat enthralled by the big screen lego film.  

There were lots of fantastic extra touches, really adding   to the lego experience.

can you see the lego men?

It was very little lively boy friendly as there was lots to see, touch and talk about.

We all enjoyed walking through the old streets, looking at the beautiful old cars and bikes and going in the charming old fashioned shops. It was fun discovering new things in the exhibitions, although finding your old toys in a museum makes you feel very old!

Oldest girl who adore anything 'vintage' enjoyed seeing the rooms through the decades on display, and selecting her favourite wedding dress from those displayed.  Middle girl thought it was pretty fantastic to actually be able to buy real sweets at the shop and see them weighed in front of you.  Littlest lady would have loved playing in the pre school post office but we were dragged away to see the lego wall art. The history teacher dad thought it was all amazing but seemed to be particularly drawn to the pub!  I am saving all the fabulous photos of sewing machines and scary looking hair drying appliances for another day, they were far too special to be lost amidst the lego!

If you live nearish I would definitely recommend a visit,  lots of space for a picnic (inside and outside)  and far cheaper than legoland with a lot less queueing!

Do you remember any of these toys from childhood?


  1. What a great day out you had, I'am afraid I'am too old for the 1970 more 1960s! But my daughter loved the Sylvanians, she still does. Julie xxx

    1. They had a fifties and sixties stand too but was really hard to capture as was in a corner and people kept standing in front of it, am going back so will try again just for you!

  2. Thank you for the tip! We live near Basingstoke and that definitely looks like a good place to take little one to. :)

  3. Isobel it was such a fab day out although the lego really made it for my boys (not always there though), so family friendly - recommended :-)

  4. Lego is fab. My kids used to play with it when they were little and now my grandchildren love it. Looks like you had a lovely day, it must be hard keeping six kids occupied but at least they've always got someone to play (or fight!) with. Hope you enjoy the holidays, we've got snow here at the moment! Lots of love xxx

  5. Looks like a good place to keep the little ones interested. I remember those toys!! Suzy x

  6. Zoe loves this place - she asks to go most holidays! We haven't been for sometime but mum always insists on coming too. In the area with the vintage trucks is a large truck that my great-grandad used to drive! That makes it all that my special.

  7. I noticed a rubic's cube in one of the displays. I practised like crazy one summer and managed to get my 'solving time' to sub ten seconds. Now I can't even remember HOW to solve it!!!!! A sign of old age I think! Jx

  8. I love museums they are so fascinating ,i love all the old things and yes i recognise a lot of the toys !! xx

  9. How exciting - it's in our holiday plan for tomorrow! Now I can't wait.... will have to write my own blogpost about it too!!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. we haven't made it there yet - on my list for next week - another friend who went didn't rate it but she only has a 5 yr old girl, so it's good to hear that it probably will satisfy my lego crazy 8 yr old boy. I love milestones.


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