Saturday, 7 April 2012

yarn bombing

Following on from the excitement of  discovering this  last week, it was fantastic  to spot  a growing collection of "yarn bombing" (which is, I have discovered another way to describe graffiti knitting)  as we drove home a few days ago. Intrigued I quickly found a letter to post and returned to the source of the excitement with camera in hand.  The mystery knitters have been at it again:

pretty bunting to brighten up the tree,

a mystery animal hanging,

unusual flowers appearing!

Not content with brightening up the posts in the car park they have been busy and have also yarn bombed the tree, a lamppost and a telegraph pole. 

 Such a simple but effective idea used here

Was this stitching done in the dark?

It certainly does brighten up our little part of the world!

This is what I would like to see next please mystery knitters:

An old ladies knitting groups covered a pub in Battle, East Sussex with crochet graffiti for an Arts week they had last year. It was brilliant. They made a pub sign, flowers for the window boxes, bench covers, curtains. Wish I could find a picture now @zingzingtree

Thank you for everyone who left comments on my graffiti knitting post; I have had such fun exploring all your links and finding out about this crafty idea.  I think it probably is "middle class rebellion" but looks so much nicer than other graffiti and has made lots of people smile so it must be a good thing.  I found a reader with a fun yarn bombing   story, and I feel inspired to brighten   my own garden with colourful knitting.

Which one is your favourite "yarn bomb"?


  1. I like the animal hanging but the bunting is good! Suzy x

  2. It looks great. I love the bunting.

  3. I LOVE the bunting one... fantastic! I wish someone would do a bit of yarn bombing in our area, it would cheer the place up no end!
    Thank you for adding me on Ravelry.... looking forward to seeing some knitted bunting in your projects soon maybe?? ;-)

    Great header by the way!

    Louise xx

  4. Oh it is such fun!!!! Love a bit of yarn bombing action :)
    My fave is the bunting, pretty, pretty, pretty - I'd love to see some round here....

  5. Hi, I took part in a knit-a-long a couple of years ago and we all helped to make an enormous seaweed structure which then hung from he ceiling of Touchstones Art Gallery in Rochdale Lancashire.
    This weekend we visited the Rheged Centre at Penrith and saw the most brilliant World of Wool exhibition. I am going to be doing a posting on it on my blog tomorrow if you would like to have a look.
    Best wishes
    One I Made Earlier Today.

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Thank you for your lovely comments, they really do brighten my day!