Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Jubilee Knitting

There has not been much time for crafting recently, working and the Easter holiday clear up have sadly cut short my  making moments.  However I did  manage to squeeze in this patriotic make at the weekend.

Such a sweet little egg cosy and it took less than two hours to make, including sewing together. I love that kind of knitting  and am really looking forward to making seven more so they will look bright and cheery on our breakfast table.  

Doesn't the wool look fabulous on the sofa?  The  bright colours look so happy and colourful mixed together, just the antidote to the dreary dull weather at the moment.  For those who are interested I used Robin Double knit and as it was 100% acrylic it was much  cheaper than the wool I usually knit with, only £1.79 for a huge ball. I could be knitting in red, white and blue forever  but I have plans to use the left overs to make knitted bunting, using this pattern here.  Inspired by all the yarn bombers in the neighbourhood I hope to hang it in the front garden.  If you are a knitter and have not yet discovered Ravelry, it is fabulous with so many inspiring patterns, most definitely worth an explore.  I am on it as oldpolicehouse, come and be my friend!

The super speedy and really easy pattern for the egg cosy came from this months Craftseller magazine, I actually only bought it for the pattern, thinking it might be a fun thing to make for the school fete craft stall.  It was a good read but no more helpful than other (free) places online.  

The egg cosy has joined the top shelf in my kitchen which is rapidly looking very  union jack overloaded. I had no idea I had accumulated so many!

Have you got any making plans to celebrate  the Jubilee or Olympics?


  1. Hi Grace,
    This Union Jack egg cosy is so cute! I have no idea how we are celebrating the Jubilee or the Olympics yet. I just know that there will be LOTS of tv watching around here. ;)

  2. It's so good to knit, I love it x

  3. Hi Grace, the egg cosy is very cute. By the time I get round to making something, the Jubilee will be over! I've bought a couple of craftseller magazines but you're right, you can find all the patterns online. Lots of love xxx

  4. That's so lovely and ravelry is a super place to hunt down patterns. Suzy x

  5. That egg cosy is so cute and looks great on the shelf with other bits. I love all the jubilee bits around at the moment. We don't have any plans so far apart from attend a friends wedding on the bank holiday monday, don't think the theme is red,white and blue but would be great if it was! XX

  6. That's so lovely, your breakfast table will look so cheery with eight of those on it. I could spend hours trawling through the patterns on Ravelry. It's just a shame that I'm such a slow knitter, I'll never get round to knitting everything that I want to. No plans for the jubilee. I remember the silver jubilee though, I was eight and we had a street party. Lots of fun. I don't really have much interest in the olympics but I know I won't get a look in with the tv with Mick and Daniel in the house.

  7. Great knitting, very impressed you whipped it up so quickly. I'll come and find you on Ravelry, not that I've achieved much in a long while .. although I am hoping for a ta-da myself some time soon (ish).
    Kate x

  8. Hi Grace,I just found you through blog hopping from Emmas at the log cabin,thought I'd say hi and I love your union jack egg cosies,they re so cute!Lots of love juliexoxoxo

  9. Hi Grace, Ooh I've just read the above comment, that's exciting! Julie's lovely. I've awarded you the Leibster but I won't be offended if you choose not to accept. Lots of love xxx

  10. Have awarded you the sunshine award - see my blog for details xxx

  11. Our members at Sunnybank craft club are making bunting and menus form the jubilee tea party. At home I've got masses of stuff, hats, flags, napkins plates, cups, bunting the list is endless. We are making jubilee buns as well.
    Love the egg cosies.
    Do you have a pattern ?
    Best wishes
    One I Made Earlier Today

    1. Lynn, the pattern was in this months Craftseller magazine, pretty sure it is still on sale now x

  12. I am loving your knitted Union Jack egg cosy... you clever thing! Love all your union jack bits and bobs on your shelf too...!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my mini quilt and it's nice to know one of my bloggy friends is doing Slimming world too... hope yours is going well :)

    Louise xx

  13. I love your shelf! It is so cheery with all that red, white and blue!

  14. Just to let you know that I've left you an award on my blog. Don't feel obliged to accept it, I just want to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog.


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