Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saints on a Saturday

There is a very important match on television at the moment.  Mr very much a saints fan and oldest boy have been telling me the consequences of this game and lots of other football trivia for days.  I am trying to do a good wifely thing and keep the younger kids happy so the tension of the game can be enjoyed without a background of star wars play fights.

It seems an appropriate time to show you all the gift my ever so talented mother gave her saints supporter son in law for his fortieth birthday.  

Such a long time it took her to make and sew the badge to the wall hanging but it was such a fantastic gift.  The only football memorabilia I don't mind hanging in the house!

Just to keep up the family tradition for making and to show her support for our favourite team on this special day middle girl made a little flag to wave  during the game.  It looks fabulous on the fireplace, in pride of place next to the screen.

Let's just  hope they win....three nil so far...

Come on you Saints!

Have you made any football inspired gifts for the fans in your life?


  1. :-) Fortunately we don't have football fans in the Recipe Junkie household - having spent my early years (well until I was 14) in Liverpool, I had enough footie madness to last a lifetime. Now, rugby, that's another matter, but somehow doesn't intrude as much as football seems to...

    1. All is well - they look like they are winning..... phew x

  2. The wall hanging is wonderful, he must be a very special son-in-law to warrant such a present.

  3. and didn't they do well! You must have one very happy household!

  4. Football seems to have passed us by... but everything stops for the Grand Prix. Hope that the match went well. I think the wall hanging is lovely. All the best, Jx

  5. You clearly come for a creative family, your MIL made a great job of that?
    Did they win?? X

  6. That should have said FROM!


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