Monday, 23 April 2012

Two and two

Having lamented the closure of picnik ( a free online photo editing site), I was so pleased to discover another equally simple and fabulously free online site. I had lots of fun exploring the site this afternoon in the small gap between work and school pick up, making the most of the peace while the little lady slept.  Reaching two years and two months was celebrated by jumping on the trampoline in the small gaps between the rain at the weekend.  The static caused by the trampoline makes her fine hair look completely crazy!

This was the  photo straight out of the camera; after uploading it to pic monkey

I cropped it to give more emphasis to her face and then played around trying out the different  effects.  The photo at the top is using a black and white effect with added dark edges and the photo below is using a sepia effect.

Which effect do you like the best?

Also a really big welcome to my new followers and a huge thank you for all the blog awards I have been given recently.  Thank you all so much for  the wonderful comments, emails and words of loveliness.

Makes me fair happy it does!



  1. Such lovely pics, Grace. Your little one looks so lovely. And I love when their hair go like that, it is so funny. xx

  2. Just gorgeous! I like the black and white effect best.

  3. I also like the black and white effect the most. Love the hair - looks like she was having fun on the trampoline :) xx

  4. Yep I like the black and white one too. :-)

  5. Thanks for the tip about the editing site - I was wondering how to survive without picnick. I really like both of your pictures... and the whole idea of being 2+2! Jx

  6. Me too, black and white is so good. I love pic monkey as well. Suzy x

  7. Black and white wins every time! ;-) And it looks like our daughters are the same age give or take a week or three!


  8. I like the black and white one best. My son's hair used to stand on end every time he came down a slide, it always made me laugh.

  9. How funny, I've just spent a couple of hours playing on picmonkey too!
    Trampoline shoots are always the best, your wee one is a cutie!
    Sandra x

  10. oooh fun! the third one is fantastic - isn't her hair fantastic!!!


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