Friday, 27 January 2012

Eyes down the sink ?

Friday night,  a  hectic finale to an almost overwhelmingly  busy week.  Resisting the urge  for a glass from a tempting bottle chilling in the garage because I  have  the dreaded Slimming World weigh in to  start my Saturday. Not looking forward to it as ate  far too many school dinner chips in the staffroom  earlier.    Parenting abilities are  at a pretty dismal low;  had to  retrieve night wear for the boys from the laundry basket,  run to the corner shop for milk to bribe the babe into her cot and   tea was pizza in front of (various) screens, with no vegetables in evidence.

Patience with a small boy   is rapidly running out especially as the Mister does a quick escape with  his  pizza and a poker set.  "Over tired" is a meaningless word before you parent a small  child,  only  as the hours  tick  past bedtime  and said child has not fallen asleep, do you truly understand the horrendous reality  of this innocent sounding phrase.

Even sheep sleep!

Ignoring seemed to be the safest option for all concerned, that is until a strange swishing noise was heard accompanied by an unusual banging and scrapping.   Parenting over time has developed a sense of impending calamity and I am much more adept at diverting disaster.  Locating the strange sound to the downstairs toilet I met my smallest son.

He  calmly informed me "My eye is down the sink".

Having spent so much time patching his sisters wonky eye for a moment I saw us moving into orthoptic outpatients.  However as I took a moment to look around  I suddenly realised the source of all our recent blocked sinks and poorly draining plugs.  Of course it was smallest boy! Middle boys christmas googly glasses were dismantled and pieces strewn around the floor.

The reason for this particular almost overflowing  sink  was obvious.  Grabbing the best thing I have found for such a crisis (a chopstick) I expertly created that glorious gurgle of a drained sink.  The eye has gone forever as have no doubt several other items from around the house in recent times.  Quickly  little man was marched off to bed before he creates another catastrophe.

The happy result of this episode was a positive change of mood from slack and slovenly to   disaster diverting  mum, a far happier  end to the week!

What mishaps have small people created in your house?  We have had plenty but at least one was avoided tonight.

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  1. Well done for averting disaster. Our latest was 2 of the girls experimenting as to what would happen if they vacuumed up a sink full of water - fortunately not electrocution!


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