Friday, 13 January 2012

More than a coffee

I met a friend for coffee this week, and she made it using an espresso maker like the one above,  it was such a lovely cup I felt inspired to hunt out ours.  We were given  one,  for a wedding present many years ago, in the era  before coffee had such a revival, a time when coffee machine were rarely found in kitchens and  Starbucks wasn't on every corner.   We used it for a while but like most kitchen gadgets it ended up at the top of the kitchen cupboards.    This morning after a thorough clean  it was ready to be put back in use and a quiet moment after the school drop off was the perfect time.  

It was worth all the effort and mixed in with the coffee were the memories; the friend who gave us the gift   which had been bought in Italy during the hot August  before our wedding, the other friends who gave us some pretty espresso cups (sadly not child proof)  and my new friend who inspired me to use the maker again.

After a much needed caffeine boost and equally needed time to plan my day, I took steps to live up to the mug given to me at Christmas.  Filled my flask ready for a  delicious coffee at work, and actually used my most favourite kitchen gadget of all time.  The mixer has totally lived up to all expectations. 

My morning caffeine gave me time to remember, reflect, organise and very much appreciate all I have, definitely worth all the effort involved.  Not bad for a cup of coffee!

What do you have hiding in your cupboards that would brighten your day?   

Get them out and enjoy using them again!


  1. Mary's or Kate's coffee pot? Need to pick your blogging brain at some point! Love the site... xx

  2. Hi Grace,
    Thanks for your lovely comments over at mine. I love coffee and try different ones at every opportunity. We have a Millie's in our town centre and I'm a frequent visitor. Hmmm, what do I have in my cupboard? A popcorn maker, a smoothie maker, a toastie maker, etc but they do get the odd airing, I must admit. Have a great weekend.

    Lots of love xxx

  3. Neither Jane, I do have other friends! Let's do coffee soon x

  4. Hi Grace, I love coffee too.The stronger the better for me.I dont drink tea, cant stand the stuff.
    Thinking about my gadgets, electric knife(rarely used),toasted sandwich maker(sporadically if we fancy a toastie),microwaveable egg boiler(I kid you not my mum bought me it off bid tv and I doubt I will ever use it). I dont really posess many but my mum and dad have a house full they rarely use!

  5. Hi Grace, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.I tried a reply from there but it wouldnt let me do it so thought I would post on your blog.I really love the heart hanging on your blog header, did you make it and was it difficult to do?
    Glad you like the compost bin, I have hankered after one since watching Gardeners world with Geoff Hamilton when he made one.X

  6. Hello ,thankyou for popping over to my blog and being my "100th" follower,im so pleased ,i love your blog and all those shoes laid out ,six children oh my goodness how wonderfull ,i always wanted to have 6 children but sadly i only made it to 3 but my lovely 3 keep me busy and my favourite place to be is home looking after my little brood xxx


Thank you for your lovely comments, they really do brighten my day!