Wednesday, 18 January 2012


We now have two teenagers in our house and scarily have realised we will continue to have a house full of teens for another eighteen years!   I wanted to give our oldest girl a special present, one that she will treasure and keep  forever as a memory of this special milestone and a reminder of our love for her. 

I met a lovely lady at a craft fair who makes and sells gorgeous silver jewellery,  the story behind her new business is as beautiful  as the items she creates.  "Gracenote  Silver"  is the name and Rosie explained to me that a grace note in music is  special; an extra to the main piece, put in to beautify and make the piece more enjoyable.  What a precious way to think of this gorgeous jewellery, adding an extra something to the owner. This talented artist offers to inscribe her work with a verse or text to really personalise  the gift.  (contact her at - she welcomes commissions!)

The simple yet beautiful heart necklace with a pearl hanging was the perfect choice for our newest teen because her name means "pearl: of priceless worth, and precious".  I remember  unexpectedly reading this quite early on in my pregnancy with her, when I was still coming to terms with having a new baby whilst I still had a small baby, and it was a defining moment.  I needed the gentle reminder that  this baby was precious and of priceless worth, to be welcomed into the world as such.

You have been such a blessing to our family  and we are so glad you came to join us thirteen years ago, even if you were fifteen days late!  

In this throwaway society what special gifts have you kept and why?


  1. such a lovely & thoughtful gift!

    I have a charm bracelet from my childhood with many charms that my Nan bought/gave me which is probably worth quite a bit atm as it is all gold, but I could never sell it.

    As I have no daughters, I will hopefully have a Grandaughter one day to pass it on too (gee I am sounding more & more like my Mum)

  2. Snap - we also have 2 teens now and actually finding it good fun. 3 years done and another 11 to go for all 4 to be through the stage!

  3. What a beautiful present to your gorgeous girl, she looks so pleased. I have to tell you I find it impossible to throw anything away if it has a sentimental value which is why our house is such a mess. My parents are far better at decluttering than I am but the trouble is I take their clutter because it holds memories of my childhood. Their latest offload was some Denby china. It's not a full set but I remember eating off it when I was a child so how could I not pass it by?!

    Happy Birthday to your teenage girl. x

  4. That's so beautiful! Such a special and personal gift, I'm sure she'll treasure it forever. I love Rosie's jewellery and did the same thing and 'commissioned' a necklace for my niece. Sounds expensive, but it wasn't at all, and all the more meaningful when it's made especially for them.


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