Monday, 23 January 2012

Twenty three months

This little babe is changing so quickly at the moment  and is rapidly becoming the bossiest member of the household. She is excellent at repeating words and phrases which gives much  entertainment to her older brothers!  Say "something naughty and a bit silly  Ruby", results in much laughter.  "I've got lice" made us laugh all through tea time last week, our youngest loves this attention  and is very adept at repeating for another laugh.  

Not really in the mood for a photo today!

Her chatter, laughter and determination to keep up with her  siblings mean the chapter is closing on her babyness.  It is a little sad to say goodbye to having a small one in the house but the fun we all know in sharing the day with such a happy and busy little girl and the joy she brings to our family is more than enough compensation.  Having experienced the twos five times already we should be experts but we have blissful memory loss!  

Stop trying to charm Daddy into giving you a dummy, especially since you took your eye patch off!

Happy last month of  months  little lady!  


  1. She's beautiful Grace, hope you don't experience the terrible twos! xxx

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