Thursday, 5 January 2012

The easiest & most useful baby gift ever

It is strange the items that become a daily part of your life when you become a parent of a small child, the things you always keep near you in case of a mini crisis in the day.  Muslins have been a daily part of our life for many years now.  The most useful baby gift I was ever given was the  one on the right in the photo, hanging next to the rather splendid Cath Kidston peg bag, which brightens my day every time I use it.  It was given to me for child number five  and since then I have added to my collection and made several for other new babies.  I really love taking everyday things and making them colourful and cheery to look at, brightening the day when in use. 

Early motherhood is a time when muslins really come into their own: Always very useful to have one around to wipe the tears (not just babies!) away, cover up the flab, protect a sheet, drape around when feeding, mop up various leaks, the list is endless.  As small babes grow they often attach themselves to a "mussy", "faffy", "icky" or whatever it becomes affectionately known as in your family, it is a great way to offer comfort when needed.  Personalised muslins also mean you can  always identify yours, very useful at a toddler group.

What better than to be able to give someone a gift made with love which will be  well used and offer comfort in moments of sadness?  

Here's how to make the easiest  and most useful homemade baby gift  ever!

This mini tutorial is to show you how to sew a ribbon around,  it is aimed at complete beginners.  More competent sewers I hope will have been inspired to make their own.
Examples are: sewing ribbon around the edge, sewing ric-rac around the edge, blanket stitch around the edge, machine stitch using a fancy stitch around the edge, sewing something onto the muslin, the choice is endless!  Although remember it is meant to be for a baby so sew things on tightly.

You will need - Baby Muslins (supermarket packs are good value), ribbon (I used 2 metres but this will vary according to the size of your muslin), pins, iron 

1. Iron the muslin & pin the ribbon to it

 * make sure you cut the ribbon at a slant to stop it fraying & fold it about 2 cm underneath

* pin all the way round, taking care at the corners to fold the ribbon neatly

Fold the ribbon and pin

another example of a corner

* leave about 2 cm at the end & fold it back under itself 

Cut the ribbon on a slant to avoid fraying

This can be a bit fiddly

An example using ric rac

2. Sew all the way around using either matching or contrasting thread as suits your design

* It is easier on a machine although not essential

* I usually start in the middle of a side as I find it easier

* Finish by going back over the stitches  a little bit for security

Stand back and admire your lovely muslin  and find a gorgeous baby to use it!

I would love to see your finished creation please do share if you make one.


  1. Hey, check you out - professional post with fab piccies and simple steps to follow. Such a lovely idea, they look really sweet and are always much needed by new mummies. Next time you'll have to attempt a video 'how to'!

  2. Well I HAD to say hello - you see we live in an ex-policehouse too, in North Yorkshire. We have lived here now for 20 years - so it's lovely to meet you.


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